101 with ANOTR

The Amsterdam based duo ANOTR is a true revelation within the scene. Jesse van der Heijden and Oguzhan Guney introduced their collab project in 2015 when they've released music on imprints such as DFTD, Snatch!, and others. This set a strong foundation for the following years.

In early 2017 NO ART was born. The label is colored by innovation and focuses on a sound that’s edgy. Since the start of NO ART, ANOTR already released several tracks and EPs which received major support within the scene.

With their distinctive sound and unmatched, on-stage energy, ANOTR is taking the world by storm. They have graced the stages of Awakenings, DGTL, ANTS at Ushuaia Ibiza, Ultra Resistance, Tomorrowland and plenty more internationally acclaimed clubs, venues, and festivals.

What was the funniest / most bizarre request you’ve ever had while playing? 

We’ve been proposed to a couple of times while playing or after playing and of course when we had our first few smaller gigs in bars, they would come up and ask if we have something more “commercial’.

Can you describe your studio setup for us?

Our studio is quite basic, to be honest, we’ve got 2 - 8-inch Genelec monitors, a midi keyboard and an Ableton push. The only thing that is special, which we bought recently, is a Korg electribe mx 1. 

Could you tell us the story about your first gig?  

We were playing in a club somewhere in Purmerend, a small town close to Amsterdam. We were playing in the hall where we were playing for people that got to the wardrobe to hang their jackets. No one really paid any attention to our music, and we just played whatever we felt like. It's funny to look back at it and to see how things have changed.

Name three artists that currently inspire you. 

Toman, Rossi, and Chris Stussy.

Recall the worst experience of ‘killing the vibe’ in the club. 

It’s pretty difficult to kill the vibe in a club, I guess that only happens when people aren’t waiting to hear our music. 

What do you do before and after your set? 

We don’t really have a ritual or anything like that. Most of the time we separately look for new music, a few hours before the gig. We prepare our music separately so we can surprise the crowd as well as each other with new music. It keeps it fun and interesting. 

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? 

Oz: I’ve been a dish-washer, only did it for a few days though…

Jesse: I worked at a call center job for a few years, until I decided to focus on music.

What are your favourite labels at the moment? 

No Art, Infuse, and Solid Grooves.

Imagine a cold winter, a fireplace and two glasses of wine—what song would you play? 

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up.

Last but not least. What's the best advice you've ever received? 

Do what you do best because if you try to be someone else they will always be better in doing so. 

By Saša, edited on 23 October 2019