101 with Eli Brown

The Bristol-based producer and DJ Eli Brown, has rapidly established himself as an artist of real distinction in the house and tech house world. With releases on established imprints such as Repopulate Mars, ViVA, Toolroom & more Eli has proven his raw talent. If you’re looking for dance music with character, you’re in the right place.

Despite the fact that he had his first release in 2015, Eli has managed to perform at worldwide known venues such as Fabric in London. His busy summer schedule will lead him from Hi Ibiza and Vista club on the white isle to the Hideout festival in Croatia. We've invited him to share his thoughts in our 101 interviews.

What was the funniest / most bizarre request you’ve ever had while playing?

Once I got asked to sign a girl's breasts. It felt so wrong on every level, however, I did fulfil the request.

Can you describe your studio setup for us?

It’s very simple, to be honest. I used to run loads of outboard gear but I’ve recently cut it down to an Apple Mac running Ableton Live with Virus TI synth, novation bass station and various plugins including Sylenth, the Native Instruments bundle and some UAD plugs.

Could you tell us the story about your first gig?

Wow, that was a heck of a long time ago but it was in my local pub. We hired out the bowling alley and threw a terrible party for all our mates. We glued posters all around the neighbouring villages… I think some are still up like 15 years later!

Name three artists that currently inspire you.

I really love everything Prok & Fitch do, their drums are the best in my opinion. Leftwing & Kody are killing it at the moment. I love all their tunes, they definitely have a beats-driven vibe to all their productions. Camelphat; again another duo who are inspiring me through the diversity of their productions. Check their new EP coming on Circus - techno vibes through and through.

Recall the worst experience of ‘killing the vibe’ in the club.

Probably when I played the wrong track off an EP. I can’t recall the name of the track but it was full of banging techno and I was playing a pool party... people were definitely not ready for that!

What do you do before and after your set?

Before my set, I like to prepare my tunes and have a beer or two to loosen up while after the set I like to hang out for a bit and meet people and interact with the crowd.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Putting letters in envelopes. I did it for a whole summer on minimum wage and it was the most boring experience of my life.

What are your favourite labels at the moment?

I'd have to choose Repopulate Mars, Sola and Relief. I play at least one track from these labels in every one of my sets and I've been lucky enough to release on all three!

Imagine a cold winter, a fireplace and two glasses of wine—what song would you play?

Probably something like Kaytranada Got It Good as it would remind me of summer evenings.

Last but not least. What's the best advice you've ever received?

It’s a simple one that I’ve always really related to "life's too short, follow your dreams."

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018