101 with Hibrid

Hibrid was born during the 90's in Sarajevo; Bosnia and Herzegovina. He belongs to a fresh young wave of producers & DJ's in the realm of deep, tech house and dub techno music. His first experience with electronic music was when he was still in high school. So far he has played in all the biggest clubs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he also performed in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Tilburg (Ne), Zagreb, Tisno (Movement Croatia), Split (Cro), Belgrade (Serbia), Corfu (Gre) etc. Hibrid performed as a warm-up DJ alongside many world-known artists such as Solomun, Silicon Soul, Metodi Hristov, Kristina Lalic etc.

He started producing back in 2010 and since then, he has been releasing music on various labels worldwide. Music that he makes is filled with deep elements and melodic sequences. His unusual, experimental approach to making music led him to be lauded as one of the most talented producers in the Ex-Yu region. In his production, he collaborated with artists such as Sidney Charles, Jonas Saalbach, Chris Robin, Roby Deep, Jesus Soblechero, Petros Odin, Lateral Cut Groove, Jelly For The Babies and others. His tracks are released on labels such as Submarine Vibes, Balkan Connection, Haute Musique, City Life, Doppelgaenger, PHW Elements, Plus Plus, etc.

In 2014 he started his own label called Submarine Vibes, where he managed to get more than 30 releases and 40 podcasts. The unique artist roster and an interesting design, helps it make its presence known on the international music scene.

What’s your favourite piece of gear – something you couldn’t live without?

It's hard to pick the favourite piece of gear. But if I have to, then the favourite ones are my keyboard and mixer - Korg zero 4. It's heavy, but I can't do anything without those effects :)

Which do you prefer – playing at enormous festivals or intimate clubs?

Both sides have their benefits, but I think my music fits better with smaller places and clubs.

Which is the most mesmerising club that you’ve ever played at?

It wasn't so big, I guess. But, I think it's Dom Mladih in my hometown, Sarajevo. I had about 1000 people as an audience.

What is your best and worst experience at a gig and why?

It's also hard to pick the best experience. Lot of them... Hmm, I've played a warm-up set for Solomun in Sarajevo last year, and I had a perfect set till the last track. While I was playing the last track I just pressed the "cue"  button on my CDJ without any reason, and the music just stopped playing. Haha. It happens.. :)

Do you have any interests besides music?

Yes. I like a lot of different things. I'm working as graphic designer, but I'm interested in all kind of art.

Do you enjoy sunset or sunrise sets?

Both. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to play during the sunrise on open-air events yet but I hope that one day I will do that. I think that both fit perfectly with my music.

What do you like and what do you hate about the music industry?

I love music. It's my life so I really enjoy listening music, making music, collaborating with other musicians, and I really like to meet new people that are related to music that I like. I had really nice experiences in the last 2 years of meeting a lot of people that I already knew online, so that's really an amazing part of music. Things that I don't like, especially in the Electronic music industry is that there are too many labels, artists, music...

Lot of them sounds quite the same or similar. I also don't like the part with using loop packages, hearing same vocals and synths in different tracks, etc. Also, there are lots of people in the music industry that are there just because of the money or fame. That's another thing I don't like... But that's the way it is.

If you could pick any artist to do a b2b set, who would it be?

Hmmm. It's a hard question. Maybe Rodriguez JR or David August

What’s your biggest fear?

To get lost.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a gig?

The speaker above me just fell down... but fortunately, no one was hurt. It was not so funny when it was happening but when I remember it now, it is :P

Could you pick one timeless track?

Hmm. Jason Jay - Waves + I have to add my timeless mix - David August Boiler Room 2015

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? 

Thanks for having me! 

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018