101 with Jelly For The Babies

Serbian producer, DJ and label owner Marijan Raskovic, created his Jelly For The Babies moniker back in 2007.  The whole project is based mostly on melodic sounds with plenty of vocals mixed up in three different genres, Deep, Progressive and Tech House. He currently runs two imprints; One Of A Kind, where he signed names such as Audio Junkies, Sonic Future, Bonaca, Framewerk, ..., and The Purr Music.

His musical journey lead him to perform all around the Balkan area as well as International in countries such as South Africa and many others. The list of his supporters includes superstar names such as Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Nick Warren, Eelke Kleijn, Mark Knight, Stefano Noferini, just to name few. 

What was the funniest / most bizarre request you’ve ever had while playing?

There weren't many bizarre requests but I've had a bizarre situation though... A girl asked me to play "Insomnia" and I said that I dont have that track and so she spilled a full glass of water on my equipment...

Can you describe your studio setup for us?

I have a computer, Mackie Control Surface, Novation Ultranova, Novation Impulse 25, Ipad Touch OSC, Focusrite 2i4 2nd Generation and a pair of Focal Monitors.

Could you tell us the story about your first gig?

It was somewhere around 2003-2004. Forums were really popular back than. We arranged kind of a forum social meeting and I've played there. I remember, that the mixer was custom made and I've brought my desktop computer all the way from home to the club... hilarious... but the party was great!

Name three artists that currently inspire you.

Luca Bachetti, Kiasmos, Rodriguez Jr.

Recall the worst experience of ‘killing the vibe’ in the club.

Small club party.... DJ's are on jumping and yelling "put your fu*king hands up"; I was like "what am I doing here?"

What do you do before and after your set?

Simply; Drink and Sleep.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Packing shoes at the warehouse.

What are your favourite labels at the moment?

Watergate, Anjunadeep, Mobilee, Crosstown Rebels

Imagine a cold winter, a fireplace and two glasses of wine—what song would you play?

Telepopmusik - Breathe

Last but not least. What's the best advice you've ever received?

Don't follow trends, be yourself.

By Saša, edited on 19 June 2018