101 with Jogarde

Jogarde is a key-figure, DJ, promoter, record-shop owner, programming director and resident at Croatia's best kept secret club Masters. With also being a founder of the bon ton store & gallery, Jogarde is bringing a new breeze of Adriatic feeling and music lifestyle to the front. Stated as one of the hottest spots in town it is making substantial progress and channelizing the Croatian music scene. His rich musical background and energy were the determining factor for pushing the boundaries with his now legendary Freilauf Sessions in Zagreb.

Promoting inspiring music and enabling people to run free, he hosted some of the world's most renowned disco and house aficionados such as Dixon, Ame, Prins Thomas, Gerd Janson, Metro Area, Justin Vandervolgen, Mark E, Mark Seven, Land of Light, Lexx, Hunee, Ilija Rudman, Young Marco, Xosar, Mike Huckaby, Boo Williams, Felix Dickinson, Underground Paris and many more in Croatia's capital city. Playing his fabled seven-hour mix of disco, house, techno and dancefloor friendly krautrock records makes Jogarde carrying a distinct, touchable and melancholic sound.

Nowadays he is considered by many as one of the finest Croatian DJs. Doing the honours with legends like Francois Kevorkian or Theo Parrish, playing The Garden Festival, Lost In A Moment, Stereotip, Clubs in Barcelona, Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Düsseldorf his journey has just begun.

What is your favourite piece of gear - something you couldn't live without?

I think we shouldn’t attach to things that much. Information, networking and knowledge which has to be left are more important than gear. Spontaneously there is only a Hatori & Hanson knife falling on my mind in a perfect Adriatic environment with an open kitchen, big terrace and sea view - a big table and friends to share the moment with.

Which do you prefer - playing at enormous festivals or intimate clubs?

I prefer playing at intimate clubs. I like the warmth people spread, the energy and mental state when the set-up is right.

Which is the most mesmerising club you've ever played at?

I like Salon des Amateurs because you can play there the most cutting-edge music. The open-minded boat 20/44 in Belgrade and of course Masters in Zagreb because of the living room feel. The best set-up for a party was the Lost In A Moment Party at Park Ursula in Dubrovnik with a stunning view and sound system, Unfortunately, we had to move because of thunderstorms so the moment was lost but could have been unforgettable.

What is your best and worst experience at a gig and why?

All those experiences culminate in a certain feel of growing up, understanding and participating in a movement which you stand for and believe in. If you have never been heartbroken you won´t understand the Blues. Furthermore, experiences in all varieties make us move forward or stand still. You have always the freedom of choice.

Regardless my so-called best experience was celebrating my daughters birth and playing music, singing songs while crying…the worst getting a document from the authorities that they intend to shut down our club forever.

Do you have any interests besides music?

Wine growing, running a record shop, programming Club Masters, raising a daughter, consulting companies in Germany and early morning walks with my little Jack Russel Terrier-bitch Milka.

Do you enjoy sunset or sunrise sets?

Both have their own natural mystic. Sunrise is more releasing the build-up, sunset is celebrating the moment.

What do you like and what do you hate about the music industry?

I like how the infrastructure made it easier to find like-minded people and their music. I like how detailed the music database became and the implemented fast access. I don’t like most of the music radio stations air, making people dumb with low-profile sounds on repeat from lower dimensions as a logical implication the surroundings corporations bring in for the reason of moneymaking.

If you could pick any artist to do a b2b set, who would it be?

It would be a heavyweight character like DJ Harvey I guess.

What's your biggest fear?

Losing the ground.

What's the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a gig?

Getting asked to play Jaguar

Could you pick one timeless track?


Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?   

<3 :)  

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018