We have the 2nd round of 101. Standing in the opposite corner, the duo to which you need to pay special attention in the future (if you don’t already, of course). Anya and Luca have been creating the project named Luthia for more than three years. They’ve presented their work on Raw Level Records, Innocent music and on their very own Plastik town records.

Luthia’s music is something between the East and West, we can feel deep, minimal and melodic sounds, that take you on a dreamy journey. For all of you, who missed them in Ljubljana (ZOO, K4, etc.), you’ll have the opportunity to catch them on the 3rd June 2016 on Innocent Music’s 4th anniversary with their guest star Guti (Desolat). Their favourite quote is: ‘We are one.’

What’s your favorite piece of gear – something you couldn’t live without?

Our studio, computers, synths ... everything in it!

Which do you prefer – playing at enormous festivals or intimate clubs?

Hard to say, because we didn’t have any chance to experience enormous festivals yet, but it is a wish. We just know, that if you share your love,  feelings & energy with the people, it can be beautiful & unforgettable everywhere.

Which is the most mesmerising club that you’ve ever played at?

K4 for sure! We feel that this club is a reflection of who we and our music are. So, every time we played there, it was so beautiful, united and positive.

What is your best and worst experience at a gig and why?

We had a few ‘best’, but it’s always a unique experience, where/when you can express yourself and the people understand and we’re all so connected, but sometimes it’s can even be a bad day, when we’re a bit tired or there’re some technical problems, but nothing worse.

Do you have any interests beside music? 

Anja deals with graphic design, but we clearly breathe just for music.

Do you enjoy sunset or sunrise sets?

We just vibe on everything. If the selection of music is great, it really doesn’t matter.

What do you like and what do you hate about the music industry?

We like that we can express ourselves through our production/music, to be our own leader, connecting with other musicians ... and, of course, there are even things that we don’t like, but not hate, such as artists who’re egoistic and arrogant or the people, who define you as an artist through the gear that you use/play. We can just say, that the music industry clearly changed the way how the visuality and quantity is more important than quality now.

If you could pick any artist to do a b2b set, who would it be?

Definitely Rhadoo!

What’s your biggest fear?

To lose the ability to do things that you love.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a gig?

Well, sometimes, when we play, we argue or disagree about something and it’s clearly noticeable ... and people see this as a funny thing.

Could you pick one timeless track?

A very difficult question! (haha) We have so much fave tracks and it’s very hard to choose the right one at this moment. Anja’s timeless tracks are Telonius – Out & Tony Esposito – Calimba de Luna, Marco Carola – 7th question for Luca!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

We’d just like to say, that we’re very thankful to have opportunities like this and that all you guys out there support us. We have to mention, that we’ll have two new releases soon on Rewire Musik and on THANQ by Marina Karamarko. 

By Alen, edited on 01 June 2018