101 with Punu

Punu started his musical career as a drummer around 2002, but he quickly developed a passion for other instruments as well. Even though he got into producing electronic music back in 2006, it was three years ago when Punu released his first EP on Sintope record label.  Since then, he managed to release music on Selador, Nightcolours and his own Obsolescent imprint.

Besides regular releases, Punu started playing clubs, raves, festivals across Romania and Europe. In 2016, he got a residency at club “Database” in Timisoara where he played extensively for a season. The launch of his new label, Obsolescent was set for 2017 and the first release was Punu's EP called Haja Twins/Autonohm.

What was the funniest / most bizarre request you’ve ever had while playing?

Hah! Imagine a guy coming up to you with a smartphone, asking if he could plug it in somewhere because he knows a damn good hip-hop track on youtube that I could play… So, it takes a lot of imagination or a lot of drugs to do this... I'll let you decide.

Can you describe your studio setup for us?

My studio has a fairly simple setup… Not a lot of gear. I’m more of a software producer, but I have some stuff laying around that I occasionally use like a Roland TR-8, a Moog Minotaur, and a couple of Korg Volcas. The awesome thing though is that I have good friends at the local music shop, and they let me borrow everything that I need… So basically, I could say that I have a store full of goodies in my studio.

Could you tell us the story about your first gig?

Oh yeah... My first gig as a drummer with my first band was a long, long time ago and it was kinda hilarious as you can imagine… But my first gig as a DJ was not that long time ago… I think it was in 2013 or so… It was an afterparty for this massive 2.5k people event…

I've played for about four or five hours, which was pretty intense knowing that I had no experience whatsoever. It was a test from the promoter, which came out just fine in the end.

Name three artists that currently inspire you.

There are much more than three. I get my influences generally from alternative genres. I listen to all sorts of music but if I would have to name three artists that influence me at the moment, they would be: Trentemoller / Bjork / Chino Moreno (deftones) - no particular order.

Recall the worst experience of ‘killing the vibe’ in the club.

Oh man… Being based in Romania, you would imagine that everybody likes and cares for "Rominimal" sound… Well, I ended up at this event at which everybody was expecting me to play that sound… let's just say I killed… the vibe :)

What do you do before and after your set?

I don’t have any rituals or customs that I do. I just hang out at the venue with the promoters, other artists, crews… Just trying to get into the right vibe for playing. On the other hand, after the set… Who knows. 

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

When I was like 17 I think, I got a job at this electronics factory… it sucked big time.

What are your favourite labels at the moment?

Oh man, there are so many good labels that are releasing awesome music. Besides the big ones that we all know, I really like what Jimpster is doing at Freerange, the guys from Chapter 24 are fantastic, and obviously Obsolescent, my brand new label.

Imagine a cold winter, a fireplace and two glasses of wine—what song would you play?

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man (Covered By Deftones) 

Last but not least. What's the best advice you've ever received?

Fuck trends! Do your thing!

Don't forget to check out the latest release on Obsolescent

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018