Coeus & Justin Pak with debut EP on Simma Black

Coues has been recently one of the most active young producers on the Ex-Yu territory. His music has found its way to the labels such as Country Disco Club, Simma Red, Domino Effect and others. His fresh EP with UK resident Justin Pak will soon be released via Simma Black.

Coeus & Justin Pak - Amon EP

The first track on the EP is entitled "Amon" and it's a solid tech house tune with uplifting energy. You can feel the roughness on nearly all elements starting with a kick drum and sub bass-line. The groove is rolling nicely into vocal progression which gives the track its drive. Occasional synth inserts are working pretty well and are giving this track a little more energy.

"Pump Up The House" is the second track on the release and it has a similar energy than the previous one. The jackin' bass is taking over the main role while other elements sit well in the mix. Swingy hi-hats and off snare drum shots are responsible for rhythm patterns and on top of that, they're smoothly combined with vocal shoots. Trippy acid kind of synth line works well on the breakdowns as well.

This is an interesting EP that features two peak time ready tunes. The EP will be released on 8th May via Simma Black and you can already pre-order it via Beatport HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018