Kaiserdisco & Karotte with EP on Tronic

Tronic, a techno label owned by Christian Smith, has been one of the most consistent and top-selling labels in the last decade. The next release on this superb label is an EP that was a product of a huge collaboration between two heavyweight DJ acts. The legendary German duo Kaiserdisco has joined forces with their colleague Karotte to create a two-track EP which comes with a vinyl only remix from Victor Ruiz.

Kaiserdisco & Karotte - Knocking Echoes

This EP is the very first ever collaboration project between Kaiserdisco and Karotte. The guys recently linked up unexpectedly at a concert in Hamburg where one thing led to another and that resulted in creating this EP. Kaiserdisco had previously had a couple of releases and remixes on Tronic while Karotte hasn't released an EP in about 5 years. That together already made a subtle hype about this partnership. “Knocking Echoes” is the first tune on the release. A powerful low-end kick gives this track a firm foundation that is surrounded with modulating synth sirens.

On the other side, tight clap and shuffling hi-hats are providing the tune with its groove and that gives the track a nice balance. A Trippy hook is just calling for dance moves and it will surely work well on the big warehouse floors. The slightly groovier “Mauve” has the best of both worlds. A simple yet so effective hook is constantly morphing in and out of multiple tones and textures. We like how breakdown has a lovely breakbeat pattern which slowly builds into a proper rave drop.

The EP will be released via Tronic on 22th May but is already available to pre-order it via Beatport HERE.

Tronic has also released the exclusive music video for "Knocking Echoes" in a collaboration with Blank Mind production. The music video pays homage to famous Hong Kong film director, Wong Kar Wei - known for his visually unique, highly stylised work. 

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018