101 with Dejvid

David Ivanetič, better known as Dejvid, is a Slovenian based DJ / Producer who's also a proud owner of Kanja Records and House On Wax record labels. His musical path began at the early age with him raiding his uncles vinyl collection and being introduced to artists like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre, Miha Kralj and Laza Ristovski. Dejvid likes to describe himself as a music lover and vinyl addict so it's not a coincidence that both of his labels are vinyl orientated. As a producer, he had his first release back in 2013 and was supported and played by the giants such as Butch and John Digweed.

Lately, he really focused on developing and nurturing both of his labels. Kanja Records grew up as digital and vinyl label with minimalistic sound. Silat Beksi, Just_Me, TIJN, Mihai Pol, Giash, Olvap and ZTRL are just some of the names on the label. The latest concept called Sunday Mornings focuses on warm up and closing sets music which will slowly move Kanja away from peak time slots. House On Wax is Dejvid's fresh project where he releases house music that is inspired by the early white label era. Mancini, Laurent Ci, Re_Named and MJOG had the privilege to release their music on this newborn label.

At the end of 2017, Dejvid will launch his third label called Svemir where he'll release spacey, cosmic records with 80's electronic music influence. Follow him on his path and enjoy reading our latest 101 interview with him.

What’s your favourite piece of gear – something you couldn’t live without?

At the moment my turntables. That’s because I’m really looking forward to every vinyl release on my labels, and when I get the first pressing copies I really want to listen to them and to see how it sounds.

Which do you prefer – playing at enormous festivals or intimate clubs?

Definitely, I prefer playing at small intimate clubs, with a max capacity of 200 people. I was never a big fan of big events or festivals; I think there is not much emphasis on the music. But with small events and clubs you can always feel the energy and as an artist, you are more available to the crowd.

Which is the most mesmerising club that you’ve ever played at?

Well, if I have to point out one, it was Ambasada Gavioli when I played on the small floor for DeepGround Music. But in general the best experiences were in the more underground clubs or even illegal events; these are the true gems.

What is your best and worst experience at a gig and why?

Hmmmmm, probably the worse one was when a guy attacked me after I didn’t have his track "Mile Kitić – Plava Ciganko", looool. You meet all kinds of crazy people when playing music, I guess. Hmm, the best ones are always the ones where there is an intimate party with lots of positive people, which are my best moments.

Do you have any interests besides music?

Well, the only one that does not involve music is travelling, but this one is also sometimes connected to music, for instance travelling to see a concert.

Do you enjoy sunset or sunrise sets?

Definitely, sunrise. From this also came the concept for Sunday Mornings, the music that you can play in the early morning hours.

What do you like and what do you hate about the music industry?

I love that the music is constantly changing, that there are new artists popping out and I love the positive energy that comes from the crowd, which is priceless. The one thing I hate about the music industry is the ego from artists. Really hate it when someone does two tracks or gets one good gig and all of a sudden he is the king of the world.

If you could pick any artist to do a b2b set, who would it be?

Well, the only person I was always comfortable playing b2b is Kareem Da-Li from Underground Future, so if I get the chance to play with him in the future, it would be a pleasure. I’m kind of hard to please when it comes to playing b2b, lots of deejays don’t have that touch I’m looking for.

What’s your biggest fear?

That’s a tuff one :) Probably not succeeding with my labels, that would be a shame and probably a personal failure for me because I have put a lot of energy and time in this projects.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you on a gig?

Well, the incident with Mile Kitić is funny now, but at the time I didn’t think so.

Could you pick one timeless track?

It's really difficult to pick one because I listen to a very wide range of musical genres, but if I must pick one it's from the Slovenian electronic music legend Sare Havlicek feat. Mitja – Too Far Ahead. Sare Havlicek feat. Mitja – Too Far Ahead

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Yes, I would really love to see more events where you can feel that positive energy, I have been missing it for a long time. In my opinion, there are a lot of wrong people going to parties, people of no musical knowledge and with too many prejudices. Would love to experience the energy as it was let's say 15, 20 years ago.

By Saša, edited on 14 June 2018