Budare Records presents 6th release

Budare Records is a vinyl only imprint run by Barcelona based duo Moreon & Baffa. The duo brings a classical techno & house approach focused on loops & dub sounds. They've released their music on some of the finest labels such as Visionquest and also their own label. Budare has recently released the labels 6th record which comes from Venezuelan Code Deploy.

Code Deploy - Permanent Risk

The EP from Code Deploy features four original tunes. A side of this vinyl is where you can find tracks "Breathing" and "Codeina". Both opening tracks are pure grooves with solid rhythm and with just a right amount of melodic elements. These tracks are also a bit more dynamic which could easily make them even a peak time weapon.

B-sided tunes "Dusty Dream" & "Flummox" kept the similar intensity than the first two tracks but with a slight difference. Due to the mellow, deeply orientated pads, both tracks are exposing the EP's softer side which we certainly appreciate. Both tracks are perfect for sunrise slots but we wouldn't be surprised if we will hear them on other occasions as well.

The "Permanent Risk" EP is a great package of tunes that proves the quality and versatility of Budare Records. This EP was released on 7th August and you can purchase it HERE.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018