Love International festival launches same-titled record label

Love International is an annual gathering in Tisno which unites music lovers and enthusiasts with wonderful landscape. The years of majestic sun rhythms and overall positive vibe lead to the birth of Love International Recordings. Zagreb's presentation of the label is scheduled for Friday, May 18 at The Garden Brewery with the guest Begin, who'll also release the first EP on the newly established label.

Love International Recordings

Love International has become known and famous for its music versatility, smartly curated lineup and friendly vibe. The music label will try to capture the same atmosphere by covering the entire range of genres, from relaxed summer tones to the mightiest house and tech that can be heard at Barbarella's club. The first release for Love International Recordings is signed by Begin who's also known as James Holroyd. He is part of Love International family for a while now as he was one of the first DJs in Petrčane on the first location of previous The Garden Festival. In his rich music career, Begin worked as a longtime DJ on the Chemical Brothers tour and as Back to Basics resident of the 1990's.

The first release was scheduled for 4th May and you can already purchase it HERE.

Begin's Love International debut kind of reflects his musical journey. From the meditative "Wood Trees" that opens the EP, over the funky "Daypulse" and to soul vocal "Garden Interlude" track. The entire release reflects the mood and vibe of the festival as well as Begin's character.

Label opening night at The Garden Brewery

On 18th May, The Garden Brewery will turn into a small piece of musical paradise directed by Begin, the founder of Love International Festival Dave Harvey, as well as Adriatic Coasting duo Nick & Pepi. The program starts at 18:00. You can already purchase tickets for 50 kn in pre-sale while the price is set to 70 kn at the entrance. Tickets are available via Entrio HERE.

love international recordings

By Saša, edited on 05 June 2018