After last year's success and a round of events hosted in ZOO this summer, All We Are 2016 is coming back to the Slovenian capital. The lineup is selected carefully and couldn't be better in this type of genre. Minimal meets techno meets deep experimental sounds from all over the world. Check out for yourselves who are the artist you can lay your eyes on, and most importantly - ears. All night long at Festivalna dvorana Ljubljana on 28th October!

Valentino Kanzyani at ALL WE ARE 2015 Photo: Iztok Medja

The idea behind All We Are is to unite and educate electronic music lovers and fans in its genre. They've already hosted several different workshops, for instance, Introduction to Modular Synthesis with Aleš Hieng (Zergon) and Peter Jenko. Furthermore, they're organizing two more, Machines Alive with Gregor Zemljič on the 13th of October at ZOO club, and Tips, Tricks & Kicks with Tomy DeClerque on 26th of October at Klub K4

By Severin, edited on 29 May 2018