The 2016 RA voting polls are now open

Year 2016 is slowly coming to its end, but before that, there will be few more DJ reward announcements. As DJ Mag's competition for the best DJ in the world is more likely a popularity contest, Resident Advisor's poll is much more reliable and it's actually music related. In order to keep the higher quality of the contest, only registered users can leave their vote and also you can only vote for the artists who played at events in your RA diary this year. So, now is the time to create RA account so you can vote for your favourite DJ as well as live act. The guys at RA also wanted to make this poll as realistic as it can be, therefore you can see all the users and their selections. But they're not stoping here.

Resident Advisor's security measures

"Here at RA, we take the legitimacy of its poll results extremely seriously. This year, we're taking more measures than ever, to verify the integrity of voters. We'll be closely scrutinising users and utilising more complex algorithms to uncover fake accounts and fraudulent activity. Any artists or users found in connection with fake accounts etc. will be penalised."

Anyway, head over to the link bellow and vote for your favourite DJ's and live acts of 2016. VOTE HERE

By Saša, edited on 26 May 2018