DJ Ravine & Drew Morisey share three social media tips for artists

In today’s world, social media is absolutely vital to the career of any artist in any discipline. With music it is especially so because let’s face it, most young people want to be musicians, creating even more of a challenge to stand out. To do this you need to be making music that is fresh and interesting, but that alone, unfortunately, isn’t enough – chances are when you’re starting out you don’t have a marketing team behind you, so you need to get yourself out there.

For Point Blank's latest video, the music school has invited two people that know a thing or two about social media. DJ Ravine has built his YouTube following to just under half a million subscribers and his guest, Drew Morisey, has developed his How To Rap Brand to reach over 150k.

The main points of discussion in the video are consistency, keywords and engaging fans or followers. Consistency is key so that people begin to expect activity at certain times and your presence becomes a constant feature of their social media browsing. Keywords and trends are a great way of expanding your reach into new areas and gaining followers. Engaging fans is perhaps the most useful when you’re starting out, as it not only keeps you in the minds of your connections but it does wonders for how you pop up within social media websites’ algorithms.

Building a social network forms a big part of many of Point Blank music courses. For instance, in BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering degree, you will find modules focused on building your brand and getting what you want from the industry. For more info get in touch.

By Saša, edited on 28 June 2018