Nur Jaber talks about her career, homeland, OSF and more.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, Nur Jaber found her new home at the European epicenter of the electronic music scene; Berlin. The broad cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music with deeper messages and meanings.

The last few years have propelled her into the top Berliner prospects playing gigs and shows in clubs such as Berghain, Concrete, tours in Asia as well as festivals Reaktor, Timeshift, 7001Festvial and many others. In 2015 she founded OSF imprint together with her sister Designer & Visual Artist Yasmine Jaber.

She'll be performing her debut gig in Slovenia at Butik Festival, which will last from 12th till 14th July in Tolmin, so we decided to ask her a few questions about her career so far.

Hi, Nur! What keeps you occupied these days? Are you eagerly waiting for the summer to start as well? 

Hii :) Mainly studio time at the moment! Yes really looking forward to all the gigs this summer.

We have to start at the beginning. How would you describe your homeland Beirut? What’s the electronic music scene there like?

Beirut is beautiful & chaotic at the same time, leaves you living on the edge. The scene is growing, definitely.  

You moved to Berlin to basically start your music career but do you think that you would be able to get on the same level as you’re now by staying at home?

I would have never been able to reach where I am today, career and personal wise if I hadn't left Beirut. I feel like I would be at a completely different level. I am very grateful for the move I made.

You’ve mentioned that you’ve spent two summers at Berklee College of Music in Boston. How did you end up there? Would you say that this massively helped you with your music?

I was really into Rock & Jazz music at the time - I was basically focused on the drums and was doing some research on where I could go to learn more about the technique or composition, so Berklee came my way and I decided to take that opportunity. It was my first time away from home as well.

That stepped massively helped with strengthening my faith in how much Music is what I want to pursue... 

Speaking about your music... we’d love to hear a bit more about your studio. What gear do you like to use? How do you approach creating new beats?

At the moment I’m using the Moog SUB37 & The Nord Lead 4.
 I usually start with the drums first or the melody... it all depends on my mood on that day though.

Your label OSF isn’t just a music imprint, it’s more than that. What does this project mean to you? Did you wanted to start something like that with your sister or did it happened kind of spontaneously?

OSF is my Musical & Artistic Home, space where I am growing and learning soo much. When I look at the releases I have put out in the past years I can see a growth in my music production and in the art behind each one - I find this beautiful, to be able to witness the steps going forward & to keep expanding the message. It happened spontaneously actually.

My sister is no longer involved in this project as she is focusing on different things now. I am working closely with Jaume Masdevall (also known as The Beholder) at the moment, a long time friend & talented photographer. He has been behind almost all the artwork of the label’s releases.

We can see that you have some really nice events lined up ahead. One of those is Butik Festival in Slovenia. Will be this your first time in this country? Do you do a lot of background check when you play somewhere for the first time?

It’s my first time, really looking forward! I mainly do a check on third wave coffee shops to be honest haha. Before every gig, I do a small search on the coffee scene there and make it a point to visit at least one Cafe before or after the gig. I’m a bit of a coffee freak :)  

What’s your view on the techno music at the moment? We can see that it really took off in the last few years as techno is becoming more and more mainstream but on the other side, there’s a lot of amazing gems which are a bit more hidden from the spotlight. 

I think that there will always be these hidden gems found here and there when you look closely and avoid going down the road of ‘complaining’ too much of how the scene is going. Everything has an end... Nothing is constant except your inner self. It’s living proof that many genres like classical music, rock music, etc. are no longer the same as when they first started. We are born, we live and thrive and then we die, the same for Music. This is just the way it is. 

Can you share with us some of your future projects and releases? Anything special in the making?

I’m working on a release with my favorite label at the moment, cannot say anything about this yet. But I’m really happy that the time has come for me to release somewhere outside of OSF. My 2nd Album is in the making as well.

Last but not least, what would you say would be the ultimate jewel crown of your music career?

Uff there are a few... Performing with a live vocalist on stages around the world with OSF artwork/visuals in the background screens and writing a symphony & creating a film behind it.

By Saša, edited on 19 June 2019