The nominations for 5th rewards Ambasador of electronic music were revealed

From today on, the domestic and regional audiences can vote for the fifth Electronic Music Ambasador award, which will be awarded in a total of 28 categories this year. The rewards for best performances in 2020 will be awarded on March 19 at the Gervais Center in Opatija. 

People can support their favorites by voting on the Ambasador website until February 26, 2021, while the voting of the professional jury will last from February 13 to 28, 2021.

For this year's ceremony, people were able to suggest their favorites while on the other hand, there were more than 770 proposals in the pre-nomination cycle submitted by 80 members of the structural groups from Croatia and the region. They will also award the Live Work Award, which will be decided by the Founder of the Award and the Supervisory Board of the Ambasador. In the 5th edition, the ceremony will glow red to indicate the huge crisis that has hit the Croatian and regional music industry, or the cultural sector on the mainland. All visual awards this year will be red and will be recognized by the slogan #RedAlert.

We're proud to be nominated as the best regional media platform of 2020.
We're proud to be nominated as the best regional media platform of 2020.
You can vote for SolvdMag media HERE.

Even in these hard times, Ambasador works to strengthen the scene, encourage cooperation and musical creativity in the framework of rewarding the discursive program Symposium. At the Symposium, experts from the electronic music industries will be included in a set of discussions on current topics and challenges. The symposium is the first step regarding the launch of a music conference, which will serve as a platform for collaboration, networking and to introduce the problems faced by the electronic music industry.

By Saša, edited on 11 February 2021