Music Reactions presents REACT 2 event at Drugstore Belgrade

For the last year or two, clubbing scene in Belgrade is getting bigger and more colourful with huge events and international superstar guests. The Serbian capital city is quickly becoming one of the most important centres of electronic music in our region. Club 20/44, Barutana and Drugstore are just some of the venues that host the world class DJs such as Monika Kruse, John Digweed, Sandrino, Rodhad and many others.

Music Reactions presents REACT 2

Music Reactions, one of the homegrown teams that organise events in Belgrade, is soon celebrating their first birthday with Ambivalent at Drugstore on 7th October. Besides him, the visitors will have the pleasure of hearing debut performance from I Hate Models, a young and talented Clara Cuve and their host RAR. You can check the Facebook event HERE.

Promo party at KPTM in Belgrade

Prior to that main event, the crew will also organise a promo party (LINK) at club KPTM with Canadian artist Kalden Bess on 12th September which will definitely be a perfect introduction to the October's gathering. Kalden, who's currently a resident of Paris, is the founder and owner of Ground Factory Records where he published his tracks alongside names such as Pig&Dan, Samuel L Session, D.Diggler and others. Bess started his career almost 20 years ago and he managed to sign his work on Trapez LTD., Phobiq, 1605 and many other labels since then. RAR who's one of the founders of Music Reactions and Betomeng will be representing local strength.

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018