4 Point Blank music production videos that you should definitely watch

Modern technology lead by web filled with an infinite pool of information allows every individual to gather any knowledge necessary to develop certain skills. When you start learning about music production, youtube and its tutorial videos are one of the first and most handy ways to learn the craft. Since this video platform is the home to more than 5 billion videos, the problem may occur when you try to find the right ones. There are quite a few channels that share quality content and one of them is Point Blank which is the leading music production school. We took our time and watched countless hours of their materials to compose a short list of four production videos that will help you get your music on to the next level.

Create Classic Sounds With Your Synths

The first video includes Point Blank course developer and expert instructor Dan Herbert who demonstrates how to create classic sounds with your synths. He focused on Ableton's stock synths such as analog and operator in a combination with Reaktor and Juno. Dan also presented few classic dance-floor tracks and explained how to get the specific sounds, warmth and old-school touch. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you're into 90's beats.

Mixing Techniques For Electronic Drums

If the first video focuses more on the melodic part of a production, the second tutorial directs towards rhythmic section. In this video, PB art of mixing instructor Justin Lyndley (Bloc Party, Klaxons, Tricky) looks at beefing up your drums with production tips like re-amping, envelope shaping, parallel processing and more. Justing explained some techniques for adding colours and shaping sounds focused more on electronic drums which can react quite differently compared to lived drums.

Creating Depth In Your Mix

The next video contains information on the overall mixing of your tunes. PB sound engineering instructor Ganesh Signaram (Trey Songz, Pharrell) showed five ways to add depth to your mixes with different techniques and methods. The tutor explains how to get your mixes sound three dimensional with adding reverbs, delays and even removing transients. Some of these tips are pretty straightforward but we're pretty sure that you'll find some useful information as well.

Deconstruction: Jamiroquai - Automaton

The last video is a bit different with featuring Point Blank course developer Ski Oakenfull who deconstruct's Jamiroquai's 'Automaton' using Ableton Live and Push 2 at IMS College Malta. This session was part of the opening day's programme hosted by Point Blank which included masterclasses from Uner and Agoria. Is this video any good? Let's just say that Matt Johnson, the Jamiroquai lead keyboardist, shared this tutorial on his facebook channel.

We hope that you'll find some new techniques, methods or tricks that will help you improve your music production skills. If you want to watch other Point Blank's videos, we suggest you visit their youtube page HERE as well as their webpage HERE.


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By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018