Jan Kincl Zero to perform live with jazz pianist

Jan Kinčl Zero presents a totally different vibe with his event brand CYCLE. His numerous club residencies, radio shows and carefully curated club nights have made him into one of the most interesting characters on the scene today. Regis Kattie is a French jazz pianist based in Zagreb. The boys spent a lot of time in the studio jamming. Through meetings and studio sessions it was clear they had a good vibe playing together. It didn't take too long for the guys to move the situation into a live environment among people. The guys have already performed together but all of the appearances were outside of Zagreb. They both want their first performance live in front of their city and its people in a relaxed scenario. They decided to do the show in Pločnik on 17th November in Pločnik. Matija Duić will take care of the music before and after the show. 

Here's a little preview of the boys rehearsing in the studio

If you want to hear more of Jan Kinčl Zero, here's a short recording of him playing live at Lovefest.

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018