5FAVs with Adryiano

Based in Cologne, Germany - Adryiano Richter is a musician and DJ who’s been building his reputation in the electronic scene since 2011. Releasing music through a number of monikers, his house and techno blend has turned the heads of many. In particular, his releases on Soul Notes as Adryiano have become underground house anthems. Clocking over 1.8 million views, ‘On My Side’ was released through the label in 2013. This paved the way for further success.

2017 has been a banging one for Adryiano. Next to releases on his own CESTRAW imprint, he has become a common face on the British Shall Not Fade imprint. With releases such as the 'Not So Easy EP‘, a track on the Shall Not Fade White series and the forthcoming 'Nite Talk EP‘ he has steadily been delivering a huge variety of dance floor material throughout the year.

Eric Martin - Hit It How U Want 2

"Classic Eric Martin peak time mass destruction material. Always been a lover of his productions (and always will be!)."

J. Tijn - HEHF

"I came across this guy just a few months ago, but ever since I probably drop at least one track of him per gig. Sick stuff."


DJ Seinfeld - Jerry

"Just another great track by DJ Seinfeld, who not only is a great producer but a super nice person as well. This one’s probably my favourite."

Gene Hunt - Tazz

"Proper disco influenced house stomper with a typical Gene Hunt style twist."

Norma Jean Wright - I Like Love

"Lovely late 70s disco track which reminds me of some great nights I had, when playing it as last track."

Listen to the preview snippets of the upcoming 'Nite Talk‘ EP which is dropping on Shall Not Fade by the end of this week.


By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018