5FAVs with Andrea Ljekaj

Jonas Saalbach, Hacker & Miethig ft. Mz Sunday Luv - Sleepwalking (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)

This is one of the tracks from our latest release on Save Us. It's not a track that I'm usually playing but It's one of those where I hit the play, sit down on a couch, close my eyes and float through the milky way. A nine-minute story of a track that takes you on a wonderfull journey which begins and commences with a trippy and rough-edged bassline. It’s a true pleasure to welcome Watergate artist Ruede Hagelstein to the ep with an interpretation full to the brim with interesting sound design and well selected drum shots.

Brian Cid - Hidden (Original Mix)

Brian is a good friend and for me one of the hottest names on the scene at the moment, so he deserves to be on every my top list. You can find his music in every my set! This year I had a pleasure to remix one Brian's track from his ep on Save Us, and the track turned into something that we both still can't stop playing it around. For this occasion I picked up one track from his last ep on Manjumasi. Hidden is seven intoxicating minutes of dreamy deep house. Spaced out pads with tight drums, plus amazing basslines which works perfect for me. Always melting people on the dancefloor!

Meggy - Liebe (Original Mix)

My personal favorite and secret weapon lately! One of those tracks with whom I just can't stay calm and just need to dance and dance. A heavily saturated warehouse bassline, slightly breaky drum machine groove and pitched synths team up to energetically carry Meggy’s vocals about the tougher side of love. Usually I'm not a big fan of Meggy's music, but this one she nailed it and I love playing it. Pure liebe!

Reboot - Going Down (Original Mix)

Ok, so this one you will probably hear in every my set - I'm a big fan of Reboot. It's really rare but this track is 100% my taste and I keep playing it every my show. Always makes me smile and people dance! Soft drums, infectious and lovely vocal samples and pure vibes needed for a club atmosphere. Going down!

Andrea Ljekaj - Over & Over (Original Mix)

I guess one of my tracks should be on the list so I choose Over & Over

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018