5FAVs with AVOS

From playing as kids in kindergarten to playing records in clubs, being a lifelong duo has made it easy for Roderick Merkx and Tjeerd Wijffels to discover their shared passion for music, inevitably developing into Avos.

Locally it has been nights at places like Studio 80, Cruquiusgilde, Magneet festival and Chicago Social Club that fell under their spell, whilst Berlin hotspots Hoppetosse and Club Der Visionaere, Dora Brilliant in Frankfurt and the infamous Zoo club and K4 in Ljubljana also came calling in recent past. AVOS' main influences for DJ sets and music production are ‘90s electro, hip hop, UK garage, minimal and techno.

Their own imprint, LowMoneyMusicLove has excelled right from the start with releases from the likes of Steve O’ Sullivan from Mosaic and minimal kingpin S-Max from Boogizm. The label is also hosting parties under the same banner in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, featuring artists like fast-rising star Francesco Del Garda.

Phenomyna - Earthfall (Nuron Mix)

"To us, this is the best music/video combo ever and this track is also on a cd (Lush Life Electronica) we often played whilst driving home from a night at our favorite club, Robert Johnson. We recommend buying this cd for goose bumping your way home."

Andre - 7 minutes of happiness

"We really like the nostalgic synths of this techno record, hence why we also played it in our old 5h set. It has this ‘remembering good old times’ vibe to it."

Aquarian Atmosphere - White cloud

"This was one of those moments you find a record early in the morning after a long dig session and Tjeerd started dancing next to his bed."

Riviera Traxx – Parfume 2

"We’ve had this record for a long time and it offered inspiration for our sound early on: Fat basslines and synths that ooze positive energy."

Tjeerd Verbeek – Finsbury Park

"This track is a good example of thinking outside of the box with digging and typing in your first name just to see what comes up."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018