5FAVs with Bawrut

Bawrut is a Madrid based, Italian born producer and DJ. Heavily influenced by the work of Chicago pioneers, the established European teachers and every sound he can find on the internet or in digging sessions.

His taste toes a wonderfully balanced line between classics and brand new tracks. Bawrut is definitely one of the freshest names in the national electronic scene in recent years. As a producer and DJ, he has earned good reviews, thanks to his spirit without ties, his productions full of groove and influences which are the most varied possible. He has discovered his own sound and written his own blueprint, deriving from a large dose of popular genre interpretation, characterized by rhythm and sense of humor.

Last year his great work, 'Ruta', which was inspired by Ruta Destroy (or Ruta del Bakalao, as it was more publicly known) of Valencia, Bawrut won the general applause thanks to his mastery in sampling and his acid touches - a genre of which he is a tremendous fan.

"Disco never died, it just went underground, had a baby, and named it house."

Made up of music taken from Bawrut’s digital Silencio releases EP01 and EP02, R$N001 boasts the tracks ‘Ciquita’ and ‘1234’ which have been supported by people like Jackmaster, Axel Boman, Erol Alkan and Man Power. The Balearic godfather Alfredo has also shown his appreciation for the release and Bill Brewster introduced ‘Ciquita’ as a “crazy, the mid '80s, slightly demented, Spanish/acid type of track we used to play in Ibiza”.

Odara - Caetano Veloso

"This is my fave breakfast song and album (Bicho) during the weekends. it gives you happiness even outside it's raining."

Karizma - Twist This

"Don't know if this is a secret weapon. but I'm definitely sure that you need to know when to play it. if it will be the right time you'll see on the dancefloor!"

Sampha - Indecision



"Brand new favorite track, I love this chopped vocals played like a drum. Genius of Love ❤ "


"And finally something from Italia. Nobody knows who he is, we just know he comes from Napoli and sings about love."

Listen to one of Bawrut's most recent mixes, recorded for Radio Cómeme. Follow Bawrut on Facebook HERE.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018