5FAVs with Disrupted Project

In attempt to convey his persona into music, Alen began experimenting with music production back in 2004 under Allen Spion alias. His early released works were tinted with progressive notes showing his root love for the 80's 'golden era' of pop synth radio music, although it was the discovery of Detroit Techno in the late 90's that made him metamorphose into Disrupted Project in 2009.

Soon after the first few demos on his Soundcloud, he got picked by Bokhari Records in 2011 where he signed his first vinyl release with an atmospheric dub techno cut alongside Neville Watson. During this time he started Waveforms Podcast series in attempt to host a variety of mixes from homeland promising names but also some well known world artists. Till this day, the series contains of almost 30 mixes with names like Basic Soul Unit, The Analogue Cops, Luke Hess, Stojche and others.

While steadily playing live in Croatia, in 2013. he teamed up with two of his close friends and DJ's, Borut Cvajner and DJ Evan to start a vinyl only label - Vakum Records.

Their first various release was quick sold out containing one of Alen's track - Mramorni II. The track was played by major names like Juan Atkins, Marcel Dettmann, and Audio Injection among others. This gave him additional exposure and soon after he released his first full vinyl EP 'Growth' for the acclaimed ARTS records in 2015. The release was very well supported and quickly got sold out.

At this time he made a live appearance at the famous Tresor Club in Berlin where he played mostly new material whilst for the first time combining the classic techno rhythms with electro tracks. His live sets nowadays can be described as a fusion of raw, distorted electro drums with acid, synth-based shots and heavily reverbed elements. Last year he removed the laptop from his sets as a master clock and is now doing a completely machine based live with a bunch of pedals and drum machines.

Ian Pooley - Chord Memory

"This is the track that made me fall in love with Detroit Techno and techno sound in general. It happened way back in 1997, and I still enjoy playing this piece today. Timeless stuff this is."

Vangelis - Blade Runner Blues

"As far as the synth sound goes, Vangelis is the true master for me. After seeing the film as a kid, I was obsessed with the whole soundtrack. A warm and organic complexity that this greek master is spewing out of his keyboards is just masterful and unique. Few months ago I finally managed to get it on vinyl."

Bryan Ferry - Don't stop the dance

"Growing on 80's music, there are so many tracks I love and find it hard to mark one as my favorite. But this song by former lead vocalist of Roxy Music, has the complete frame of that era that I still enjoy listening. I'm just a complete sucker for romantic pop-synth stuff from that time. "

Basic Channel - 1.2

"Although I got into 90's dub techno pretty late, Basic Channel (and Maurizio) was the source and inspiration for my first produced tracks as DP. Simplicity and effectiveness of the subtle changes in this style accompanied by deep atmospheres and sub low ends is so addictive to me. Most of their tracks are 10+ minutes long, but once you dive in, it's just not enough."

Spaceinvasion - Dialectic

"Last few years I started to experiment with raw, distorted and acid sounds in my production thus finding some really interesting tracks out there. In that regard, this one comes first to my mind. Raw acid pounder that borders with madness. Really digging it."

Alen's newest EP is currently being released on Vakum Records as a three track EP with remix by Basic Soul Unit. The release is vinyl only and should arrive in the shops worldwide any day now. It's a style mash-up of techno, electro and breakbeat stuff with a smear of Detroit.


By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018