Grant - The Limit

I've recently discovered an album from Grant which is full of proper deep house tracks. Timeless atmospheres, delayed vocals, drive, ambience, everything feels just right.. And every time I hear any track from the album it instantly puts me into a special place. Joris Voorn sounded like this to me - back when I've discovered his music, and he influenced me a lot - Grant's music sounds very similar to me. Instant flashbacks! The Limit is one of my favorites from the album. 

Listen here.

Zefzeed - Lush (Vlad Caia Remix)

Pure beauty. Unobtrusive, smooth, dry and minimalistic with an excellent bassline and spacious atmosphere. 

SCSI-9 - Metamorphosis

Produced by duo Anton Kubikov & Maxim Milutenko from Moscow - this deep tech track with dub elements is just perfect to play on a big soundsystem in the dark. 

ThIs iS NoT AmEricA (Smackos EMAX DiscoRemix)

This track is out there! Melancholic disco with just enough of punch & drive. Often requested, hunted for and extremely rare on the worlds harddisks. Here is the Smackos disco 45 12" remix of this one particular track from the soundtrack of the 1985 "The Falcon & The Snowman" movie, first heard in the Legowelt Resident Advisor mix from a few years ago. You can download it right here.

Low Tapes - Untitled 17

Lo-fi house with a beautiful melody and raw but catchy acid synth line. Once again a track from Russia. It works. 

By SolvdMag, edited on 15 June 2018