5FAVs with Ilija Rudman

KLF - Elvis On The Radio / Steel Guitar In My Soul

I often catch myself returning to this very song. Master class of the ambiental enviroment sample sound. Packed and presented to perfection. Ideas way before their time. KLF on on a higher level.

Hysear don Walker - Poo Jo

One of those timeless tracks which captures you whenever it's played. Unbelievably well recorded and performed. Beauty of simplicity- Perfect sountrack to a specific situation

Jan Hammer Group - Don't You Know

Tune is a beautiful classic. Hypnotic yet organic in its production. Master class in sound source and programming. Also unattainable beauty of simplicity. Fine example of a perfectly transferred sense into the audio track.

Visual - The Music Got Me (instrumental)

Lesson time. It's the year 83'. Boyd H. Jarvis (Visual) creates this undisputed classic and sets the foundations for Proto - House. Fantastic mood, ingenuity of notes used, stripped down minimalism. The song that has survived up to this day and will continue to inspire generations to come.

Random Factor - What I Need (Chicken Lips Remix)

Random Factor remixed by Chicken Lips. The perfect combination. 2 major projects. Carl Finlow (Random Factor) has set high standards in the 90's and early 2000's. His records have become the other term for deep house and left behind a few classic tracks - anthems. Chicken Lips - the undisputed rulers of the club's sound production here just create energy so strong, so well packaged that the track just never leaves your bag. With this record Chicken Lips achieved a level where words become superfluous.

If you want more links to Ilija Rudmans music, well there you go. 'Ilija Rudman - Pagoda Ep' and 'Front Era - Remixes Ep' both for Chit Chat Records as well as 'Kimopots - Synthetic (Ilija Rudman Music Interpretation Mix)' on Is It Balearic Recordings imprint.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018