5FAVs with Iván Serra

The artist should always be measured by his penultimate breath ... for Ivan it's a roar. There are artists who compare their average present performances against their mediocre past. And then there are others who only know how to move forward. Ivan knows it is better to hear the improvement than to dwell on the past successes.

The Murcian DJ and producer is today, without doubt, one of the most outstanding personalities of contemporary techno in eastern Spain and surrounding area. As being a "technophil" is his intense passion, he is the defender of club culture. He is a resident DJ in the no less than legendary Metro Dance Club. Working together with Dubpaper, Nhitto and Jose Ramon Navarrete on their record label ˝Metro Dance Records˝ they make up for one of the most professional teams in the region. Already installed in a new studio, Ivan Serra now works hand in hand with MR.J. Their new productions will soon see the light of day on different record labels. Ivan has enhanced his presence on Ibiza and at festivals like Electrosplash. As a partner and owner of a new label he will also share managing duties with Sergio Mañez, Sanse and Pizzicatto. Illusion, talent, passion and hard work combined... Is Ivan Serra.  

Apparat - Ash Black Veil

"Apparat is one of the best current electronic music producers. I´ve always been fascinated by his musical concept which are full of melodies and with a sound easily recognizable .. which is not a simple thing to get nowadays. “Ash Black Veil”, track included on his album “The Devil's Walk” (2011), hypnotized me the first time I listened to it. It is a guide when I'm looking for inspiration. It´s a real pleasure listening to his live performances accompanied by several musicians. Every time I need to evade my mind Apparat comes first on the list."

Radiohead - Idioteque

"Radiohead is the main reason for my love for music. It's impossible for me to dismiss or choose a track without other songs coming to my mind equally special and influential in my career. “Idioteque” is a track which hooks because of its forceful electronic percussion, but I decided to put it on this list because of a specific experience. My partner and friend David Bordalás played it as the finishing touch in one of his sessions and every time I hear it, it shifts me to that time when it made me feel in a special way."

Daft Punk - Da Funk

"During my first battles with the music, being really young, my bag always included this Daft Punk track. Its style is so unique and the aesthetic that characterizes them marked in me a new perspective that I would try to express in my own sets. Although I have them as role models, their classic tracks keep captivating me more, always erupting new changes in me."

The Prodigy - Poison

"The Prodigy are also a constant to my musical beginnings. This band was radically ground-breaking, its arrival to the electronic music world caused a general enthusiasm among all the DJs. It was its “big beat” sound which marked a new tendency and provoked other musical longings. “Poison” was the first track I listened to and since then I´ve never taken my eyes off them."

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon

“Crispy Bacon” is one of the tracks that has been always present in all the periods of my career. Being one of the most important and respected tracks in the Techno music world. I still enjoy it every time I play it as if it was the first time."

And here is Iván Serra's latest release on Metro Dance Records, called “Thaman”.

"I'm a melodic music lover, it´s a constant in my productions. I consider it as a rich way that allows me to transfer to the public the feelings I want to. “Thaman” is the perfect example. Its rhythm is capable of making us move and flow with an evident subtlety."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018