5FAVs with Mariano Mateljan

With Croatia’s festival scene becoming one of the leading destinations in Europe over the last decade, Mariano Mateljan is a shining light when it comes to producers breaking through the electronic music scene in Croatia.

Born and raised in Split, Mateljan pays tribute to his father who introduced him to all genres of music from three different decades at an early age. His father’s audio cassette collection exposed Mariano to the sounds of The Everly Brothers, Perry Como and Johnny Mathis.

It was clear from his early teens that a career in music was to be his path. Mariano is organising the Cruise Split series together with his friend Madezh and his vinyl imprint U.dig is never short delivering unmistakable vibes of a minimalist design ranging from house to techno, with a low-freq base.With the inception of his vinyl-only label, Mateljan has created a platform for his own music as well as the music from a close circle of friends who share similar motives and vision.

Last couple of months one could catch him playing at some of the most renowned festivals like Sonus and Labyrinth, London's Fuse and the Berlin hotspots Club der Visionaere and Chalet. In addition to his many great vinyl releases, he's signed music with InFuse (Fuse), Coocon Recordings, Sol Asylum, and China Music as well as the Slovenian Colors Music and Gilesku.

Before coming to play at our very own SOLVD party in K4, Mariano selected some exclusive bits for us. A lot of music which helped shape his musical spectrum. Influences and blasts from the past and a music that inspires him most at the moment.

Roy Orbison - You Got It

"I can't really tell which was the first song I ever heard but I definitely know which was my favorite one! My parents used to play this to me all the time when I was in my cot. I could smile and dance to this for days."

Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)

"Being the youngest one in the family, next to my 2 older sisters, I was always exposed to what they were listening at the time, be it Guns'n'Roses or The Bloodhound Gang. The clubbing scene started blooming around 1995/96 and my sisters joined the rave wagon too. This is the track that sends me back to that era instantly."

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

"High school... Skateboarding, weed and cheap alcohol. Happy days."

The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning

"During my teen years, I was bartending a lot. I used to listen to this song first thing every morning while getting the coffee machine started."

Fat Freddy's Drop Blackbird Album - Mother Mother

"For the 5th choice, I think it's appropriate to pick something that floats my boat now, in 2017."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018