5FAVs with Moare

Barely in his 20’s, Moare ventured his musical journey in 2011 and since then record digging, collecting and playing was his choice. His taste repeatedly fills the space between those who live for melody and rhythm as he bends the dark and light of music and wraps it into a full package. His style is youthful, unique and compulsive.

Listen to Moare's latest podcast recorded for the Canadian crew Outsiders:

Alongside his trusted peers Zvanut and Bossu he is also a member of a new, young collective called Teleport. The diggers trio take care of the eccentric evening nights in Modri Kot, which is also a part of Social Center Rog.

"Teleport's musical ethos is based on the intuition and the very core of the organic electronic music. It is necessary to completely let yourself go and dance. The following experience can then result in the expansion of a subjective view of this "universal language" which is a crucial nuance in the formation of a human being. Music truly is universal."

Alex Cortex - Discola

"I'll open my 5 favs with a track from Alex Cortex. He's an exceptional producer, he actually made a great impact on me a long time ago when I first came across him. Some of his works have a special feeling for me like this one. Definitely, something that brings a smile on your face."

Rei Loci ‎- The Future Is Our Time

"Next one is by a legendary producer, UK techno craftsman, and a futuristic bomb maker Rei Loci. I find this record one of his best works. It's a rare record, that's been in my bag for years now and I think it won't leave for quite some time."

Infiniti - Sunlight

"Well, this track is class, you cannot miss with this. This exceptional sound coming from the 90s on a legendary label that you kinda can't dig totally, as lots of stuff I think is still not available to listen online... So every time you sneak around Peacefrog you find something new or something that you missed and you're back to rediscover it."

Bannlust - Erdflucht (Krok Version)

"Next is an Austrian electro gem. Straight from 99, evil basslines with synths flying over the track. Beautiful.❤"

Lords Of The Underground ft. Redman ‎- What I'm After

"And the last one is a step far away from these 4. It's a hip-hop classic that I'll never stop listening to.. a total banger."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018