5FAVs with Moreon & Baffa

Hailing from Venezuela, the boys are now based in Barcelona, where their unique house and techno style focused on extended loops & dub sound’s is proving a winning formula.

Emanating from very different backgrounds – dance music radio show hosting and pioneer of the early Venezuelan techno/rave scene, and member of an influential Latin American trip-hop / experimental band, respectively – Moreon & Baffa joined forces in an inspired collaboration.

The duo were key players on the underground techno scene during the noughties, become prolific producers of their innovative and avant-garde brand of techno/house. Self-titled “vinyl junkies”, DJ Moreon and Baffa are founders of the vinyl label “Budare”. After 15 years exploiting the “underground” in South America, Moreon and Baffa have been big news this side of the Atlantic in the last few years.

Daft Punk - Revolution 909

"It was around 1998 and I was spending a week off on the beach with my childhood friends. One of them brought a cassette tape with Daft Punk´s Homework on it and as soon as it started playing I was instantly hooked. Before this, I was listening to all sorts of latin and pop music and back in my home country you definitely couldn't hear this type of stuff on the radio. So this marked the start of my obsession for underground music... and it was the first time I stole a tape from a friend."

Marco Carola - Get Down

"This is the first track I´ve ever heard from the man from naples and for sure was one of the reasons I started following the italian techno in my early career. My friend Bernardo started Djing while we played together in a band, and one good day he showed me this while rehearsing. Something about this song´s dreamy vibe, repetitive arrangements and train heavy sound just resonated with me, and still does...as most of the time I find myself unconsciously replicating some of this qualities while Djing or producing."

Jeff Mills - The Purpose Maker EP

"And almost every release of the Purpose Maker brand is just amazing, Jeff is one of our favourites and most influential artists of all time." 

Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II

"This track (or tool) has never gone away and it will never do, things is that not only has inspired us in our work, it has inspired many other artists to make music and tracks that are also a reference or inspiration. It's a chain that Mr.Moritz and co. started and will never end apparently."

Prince - Purple Music

"Mainstream media needs music and people like this, urgently."

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018