5FAVs with Nick Beringer

A solid contender from Berlin, Nick Beringer has created quite the back catalog of swinging remixes and originals in his short career.

Known for sultry deep sounds with just the right amount of vintage warmth as well as floor driven house hitters, his sound continues to mature and be in high demand. Regularly featured in various Berlin clubs and across Europe, his production work has seen releases on notable labels like Taverna Tracks, Beste Modus and Organic (the latest one was featured in our August Top Picks chart, which we advise you check if you haven't already). In addition to this, Nick Beringer launched his own vinyl imprint Rubisco earlier this year, mainly showcasing the music of his crew.

Mood Hut - Spicy Dream

"This LP, released on the Japanese label Snaker, is only one year old by now and still I consider it one of my all time favs. Soundscapes you wanna dive into."

Nick Holder - Infinisynth

"The moment you hear that synth there’s no escape. That’s why it hardly leaves my bag. Pure deepness from the early 90’s and one of the best releases on DNH Records in my opinion."

Julian Alexander - Janc6 (Ferro Remix)

"A true gem on SlapFunk from last year. Ferro gives a prime example on how few elements you need to create a perfect groove. The sound design is next level."

Porter - Caprice

"When I heard this tune from my good fellow Porter I knew he had to do a solo EP for my imprint Rubisco, even though the label wasn’t even launched at that point. It still catches me every time. Pretty proud of this late night club roller."

Subb-An & Diego Krause - Atlantis 2

"Definitely one of my most played tracks in 2017. My homie Diego teamed up with Subb-An to create this swinging EP in maybe 1-2 studio sessions. Works damn well on the dancefloor."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018