5FAVs with Nuria Ghia & Gaston Zani

Following their immense release on Intec Digital we've invited Nuria Ghia & Gaston Zani to chat about their favorite picks. With a combined output of exceptional quality, we are sure we will be seeing more of them joining forces in the future.

Gaston Zani

Born in Argentina and spending his enjoyable childhood in Spain, he discovered the world of Electronic music at just 16 years old. He was very passionate about exploring several genres. Progressing naturally, he has spent many years from 2004 to Present Day studying and attending electronic music production master classes that let him develop and curate his own music style, working and learning from International renown producers.

Gaston Zani is innovative in every dimension and covers a wide range of genres in the field of Techno. Both a DJ and Producer, Gaston keeps the ideas flowing by producing new tracks. That helps him to grow and climb higher in his career as an artist. In a short period of time, he has produced hit after hit aiming for the dancefloor that have quickly become indispensable for DJs everywhere. Being in great demand, producer and remixer, Gaston has created his own imprint and entity, being the music label: Addeepted. It solely explores Techno, Tech House rhythms and highly addictive basslines that has made artists like Maco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Julian Jeweil, Cristian Varela, Paula Cazenave, Paco Osuna, Umek, Uto Karem and Steve Lawler support his music.

Nuria Ghia

Nuria Ghia boasts a tremendous trajectory on the electronic music scene, with more than 16 years of experience behind her in Spain, Europe and Latin America. Her harmonic and elegant sets breathe German tech house and other European-school influences, always with top technique, high-quality sounds and a focus on creating a special state of energy among her audience.

It is this path that has led her not only to be nominated for the award of best national DJ in the Minimal Techno category by Dj1 Magazine, but also to fill dance floors across the globe. Following a trajectory of important gigs and festivals, Nuria was nominated, for the third time, by Vicious Mag Awards as “Best Artist of the Year” and “Best Techno Artist of the Year”.

In her role as producer, having released several EPs and remixes on world-renowned labels like Deeperfect Records, Kinetika, Serkal Music, Globox, Novo Music, Bondage, Andes Music, BlueCube Records… Nuria Ghia has built a strong profile internationally to match her standing in Spain. She has also been very well received by critics, DJs and producers across the scene.

Sam Paganini - Gravity [JAM]

"This track had such a profound impact on us when we heard it for the first time. Stunning track by Sam Paganini included on his latest album Zenith. So deep, not Techno but a very beautiful piece of electronic music that we use for closing our sets most of the times since we got it, this is how music should be made, refined, soulful and emotional."

Dense & Pika - Just A Beat [Drumcode]

"Another Drumcode record in our bag, this time by one of the greatest Techno producer for us, Dense & Pika. We think this record has such a moody blend of Raw Techno, random vocal and modular synth… We’re pretty sure that it’s one of the top 5 Techno records to have been released in the last 12 months, It really makes people shout and jump, proper dancefloor killer masterpiece."

Michael Mayer - Pride is Weaker than Love (Speicher 2)

"This is a track that breaks the dancefloor and it's 100% timeless. It has a set of synths that are intertwined and generate a state of madness to the audience. The vocal is really special with some reverb and delays added on it. A set of atmospheres that appear and disappear make of this one of the best tracks in our time in electronic music with an undeniable German touch."

ABFAHRT - Come into my life (S.M.I.L.E. Version)

"This piece is an artwork in electronic music. Synth base, a groove that annihilates the rooms with redoubles, acid touches, a perfect voice and lyrics that thrill in the choruses. Accompanied by some beautiful atmospheres that penetrate in the soul of the audience. It's a trip through the public's minds."

New Order - Crystal (Get Ready Album)

"This song is a hymn for electronic's lovers. Mixed with acoustics, there is an intense groove accompanied by guitars and vocals that create a contrast between sweetness and forcefulness. For us, the best part of the track is the break where is played a magic piano alongside organic bass and the strength of all the rest of elements perfectly blended together."

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By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018