5FAVs with R. Bade

R.Bade is a young perspective DJ, based in north Slovenia near Idrija. He started his musical journey about three years ago when he had a chance to represent himself in a DJ contest for Čipkarija festival in Idrija He did not win but got the first much-needed experience. The first gigs were in local clubs, after that he started to conquer bigger and more recognized clubs in Slovenia.

Mutual respect and regard for his peers and colleagues are not unknown to him. He's worked with crews like Hightension and It's Underground but lately, he is focused only on his own brand named TexasMadafakinSounds or shorter TMFS. The parties are held in his hometown at the local club named Texas. In the last three years, he's had a chance to host and play alongside Tea Vučkovič, Urban Jeram, Aney F., Alex Ranerro and Ian F... He also shared the booth with DJ's like Stefano Noferini, Hunzed, Roberto Capuano, Shoxy, Siniša Tamamović and many others.

James Dexter - What Is This

"One of my latest discoveries... It was produced by the Englishman James Dexter, released on Cyclic Records which also stands for the groove. Label born in Romania in 2012 and run by Mihai Popoviciu."

Secret Society - Our Society

"Probably the track I play the most, discovered a few years ago when I watched a short clip that featured The Martinez Brother playing this track. Can't get the cymbals out of my head."

Varhat - Distract

"When I heard the track for the first time, I was just WOW and that's it. Varhat probably knows why."

Janeret - Contrast

"Perfect artist and song to define a good melodic track big support to this French artist. Pure love."

Danny Serrano & Frankie Dep - All We Need Is Dancing (Mendo Remix)

"A throwback to my beginnings! And yes, in the end, all we need is to dance. Without it, we would be just an empty bottle."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018