5FAVs with Spartaque

Ukrainian DJ and Producer Spartaque has become a name known for raw quality on the international techno landscape. He’s been at it for many years, but got his first break in 2007 DJing at Ukraine’s Global Gathering festival, and has continued with this festival every year since. He has added other vital performances to his resume by performing at Love Parade, Kazantip, Mayday, and others. Spartaque supplements these performances and maintains the momentum by way of his award-winning Supreme podcast, in addition to numerous guest mixes on other podcasts and radio shows.

Spartaque started out in his teenage years composing and producing dance music, finally realizing as a young adult the lucrative skill of DJing his works. His first piece to release was on a Virus Music album in 2005. A decade later, he now has over 300 released tracks on more than # labels. His arsenal includes both original works and remixes for some of the top artists around the world.

Maintaining a balance between industry and artisanship, Spartaque has played a key role in the creation and development of several record labels, IAMT being the most highly regarded in the world of techno music. He has been nominated and awarded for his many achievements in the past decade, proving that ever since his modest start in 2005, he has become an influential artist in the world of techno.

Agoria - Baboul Hair Cuttin (Gui Boratto Remix)

"Now going back to classics. It’s an awesome track which has remained a colossal source of inspiration through all these years. Its harmony, from the first sound to the last one, is top level. I remember myself being in great anticipation of this track’s release back in 2007 at all those afterparties in Kharkiv, Ukraine. And I rejoiced overhearing it again and again. And even today, whenever I listen to it, I experience the same range of feelings."

Motorcycle - As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)

"This track also means a lot to me. I used it as a wrap up for my gigs at all Greenbeach parties in Crimea’s Koktebel in 2006. I worked there all summer that year as a resident DJ. It was probably my first professional experience far from home. Really cool music. When I close my eyes listening to it, I go back to that Black Sea coast…Of course, I still think that’s a shame that these guys quit working together because I believe that this duo could have delivered more masterpieces to the world of electronic music."

Oxia – Domino

"This is a cult job. It has become golden classics of both minimal and techno. I won’t lie, I used to binge listen to this track back in the day, over and over again. And I am enchanted by how melodic and deep it is. I recently played along with Oxia in Zagreb and of course, I couldn’t but ask him to play this track. He started performing right after my set, and I was already all pumped up, so when he started playing Domino I danced on stage as he played and had the time of my life, really, like a little kid."

Kiko - Slave Of My Mind

"I love this track like crazy. Kiko and I, we’ve known each other forever. Our first meeting was in Kyiv where he presented this album, also called Slave of My Mind, at Prime Club. It was released on the Different label, I believe that’s a Belgian one. Since then, I’ve seen Kiko while on tours across the world. He has produced a whole bunch of great tracks but Slave of My Mind remains my favorite one among his works and one of my favorite electronic tracks as a whole."

George Michael - Careless Whisper

"When my team and I back in 2012 decided to do a techno tour across Crimea, which was the best spot at the time where all artists flew and the best audience from the whole of the former Soviet Union as well. Kazantip festival was held there, too. It really was a wonderful place where we could set up parties Monday to Sunday. For some reason, it so happened that we started to start off all our trips and tours from George Michael’s Careless Whisper. It first was a kind of a joke to us but then we all became serious about it. Historically, for me and my friends, this track is a kind of a cult thing. It’s really sad that George Michael is not with us anymore. We will never hear any new works from him but his legacy remains and it’s an honor to me to wrap up my TOP 5 Classics precisely with this track."

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By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018