5FAVs with Vinyl Speed Adjust

Amid the country’s burgeoning electronic music scene, Eddy and Levii are fast becoming recognised as two of Romania’s finest future exports.

Hailing from the capital Bucharest, their innovative sound epitomizes the phrase “let the music do the talking”, and can best be described as experimental, percussive and innately intelligent. A big back catalogue of vinyl releases on Pressure Traxx, Gilesku Records, Colours In Music and Visionquest, as well as endorsements from key industry figureheads like Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh and Rhadoo, cements the duo at the forefront of a burgeoning Romanian electronic music scene.

Having both experienced an eclectic musical upbringing, the pair first met in 2009 and soon realized that they also shared comparable influences from Hip-Hop to Breakbeat and Dubstep. They originally found their way into electronic music through listening to online radio, before the proliferation of exceptional music emanating from the Romanian underground scene over the past decade, soon lured the duo out to the city’s growing array of underground parties; most notably the legendary venue Studio Martin, where Eddy and Levii further refined their taste for the underground sound.

Such exposure was also the main catalyst behind the duo’s ignited interest in DJing. This in turn lead to the logical decision to begin producing in 2011, and so Vinyl Speed Adjust was born and the duo have been meticulously honing their production skills ever since. Their hard work and endeavours in the studio are now finally paying dividends, with the quality of their sound for all to hear in everything which they seamlessly compose. Through their consummate work ethic and state-of-the-art productions, the duo have unsurprisingly caught the ear of some of the industry’s leading and most illustrious figures. Thus making Vinyl Speed Adjust unquestionably two of the Romania's most innovative and promising talents.

Detroit In Effect - Nothing's Like Detroit

"These classic electro breaks are still very inspirational to us whenever we're in the studio brainstorming for our productions."

Stranger Music - Darker Day

"A beautiful track, produced by a disco house producer from San Francisco. We love the acoustic beats and chilled sounds."

Kate Wax - Catch The Buzz (dub)

"One of our favourite tracks to close out our sets with. If you take a listen you'll know why."

Care - World Of Today (FT002)

"A timeless record, produced by Jurgen Pappe, owner of the infamous Kompakt Records. Released on Force Tracks, a stalwart source for techno and minimal."

Chris Zippel - Mirror Dawn (Mike Salta Remix)

"The lovely deep textures and micro sounds ensure this one is always in our record bag."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018