Ricardo Villalobos - Peculiar

This was definitely the track of 2010 for me. I must admit I include it in almost all of my sets and will continue to do so.

Santos - Hold Home

One of my favorite tracks from the Moon Harbour label. It's groove is quite simple and the loop works perfectly for any moment of the mix.

Butch - Rawhide

Has got to be the track that reminds me of all the great times we've spent partying inside The Tube club in Beograd. Great memories indeed.

Chicago Damn - Be Your Man

Once more I have to mention The Tube and Easy Tiger party - anyone who was there knows what I'm saying.

Bob Sinclar - Save Our Soul

Definitely one of my favorite house tracks ever produced. Whenever I hear it I get reminded of all the beautiful moments with the people we partied together on Lasta -Gradski splav on our Sunday Matinées. 

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018