5FAVs with Eelke Kleijn

Eelke Kleijn is a unique talent. With his work stretching across movie trailer scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production, he crosses a boundary from electronic producer and into a true modern-day composer. The Rotterdam based music maker, who has delivered two artist albums, an array of originals, and first-class remixes, has signed his work to labels such as Ultra, Global Underground, 3 Beat Records, and Spinnin’ just to mention few. In 2017 he established his own imprint DAYS like NIGHTS which will present another milestone in his rich career. We've invited Eelke Kleijn to a casual chat about his career, his signature sound, current trends, and much more.

We invited him to share his 5FAVs tunes prior to the release of his third album Oscillations, which will be out on September 18th.


“Woodstock is off my next artist album due in September called Oscillations. It’s a very personal record for me, the track (and name) were inspired by one of my favorite clubs in the world, Woodstock ’69 in Bloemendaal. It has such a unique vibe and feels, balancing between the dunes and the beach, overlooking the sunset over the ocean. I’ve tried to capture that feeling by combining a relaxed, sort of laid back groove with quite an emotional melody that oozes in and out.”


“I have been playing this one lot over the past months. I love all of the dreamy and glistening elements that get introduced at the start of the tune, building up to quite a melancholic breakdown. There’s still no bass to be heard all this time. Then at 2:35 when the bass finally drops the whole thing just explodes. Massive!”


“I really love this new remix by Adriatique. First of all, I’m a sucker for a good vocal. And I really like it when dance records draw inspiration from rock music in the rhythm section. A driving bassline on the 8th notes, a steady snare, and hi-hats that feel like they could have been played by a drummer. It all adds to the live feel that moves this track forward. Highly recommended.”


“With todays dance music landscape sounding so eerily similar across all genres, I’m always on the lookout for tracks that stand out somehow. The Organism already caught my attention with the excellent Rite last year together with Moscoman, and this one is yet another masterpiece. Very rhythmic and with clear influences from Latin music, it’s a dance floor monster that works every time.”


“Ravenwaves is one of the standout tunes of 2020 to me. The main thing that makes this record so special is the vocal use that you first hear in the breakdown around the 1:30 minute mark. I love it when people try something different, and it’s executed perfectly by La Fleur. Goosebumps every time!”

By Saša, edited on 22 July 2020