5FAVs with Felver

We asked Croatian house pioneer, veteran & visionary force, Felver, to pick his current 5 favorite tracks before he'll join us on a Friday night at Klub K4.

Marijan Felver is known to make waves since days when DJs spun house tracks a lot faster and when London's tech-house school was launching its first global wave. Widely appreciated for his music connoisseurship and unspoken sensitivity of a gentleman, Felver has defined Zagreb’s clubbing and house scene like no other DJ. Most of Felver’s expertise goes back to his Stereo Studio nights at Tvornica club, an offbeat concert and clubbing venue known for its alternative programming throughout Croatia and beyond.

Later on, Felver’s expertise and knowledge have been utilized in the organization of many music events, such as Aquatica festival & Valkana Beach festival. His contribution to the first electronic festivals in Croatia is seen as very crucial as it helped put Croatia on the map as a festival destination. Ever since then Felver has been actively asked to contribute to the Croatian music scene, be it with his playing or simply consulting. His peculiar taste and vast knowledge of music have always been appreciated by everyone including his listeners on famous Radio 101 where he worked as the music editor and as the editor of the Deep FM radio show.

Recently, Felver set the ground for a new project, with his friend Steffen Berkhahn, aka Dixon, called “Stereotip”. It suffices to say that it is the fast-growing new thing, not only for great party music but also the special choice of venue. Stereotip has already spread to all major cities in the Balkans and is moving fast forward to other European capitals. When Felver is not performing, he indulges in exploring new musical horizons with no end. 

Andy Garvey - Eternal Recurrence [Lobster Theremin LT058]

"A solid & strong release that fits well for the warmup of the atmosphere - when I'm not sure yet, in which direction I want to go. It creates enough room to rotate the direction into the acid, but also into some modern Italo and electro waters. Lobster Theremin is one of my favorite publishing houses right now."

Antonela Giampietro - Araras [oddysseyrec]

"One of those records that you can easily miss the first time until you realize what kind of effect it has on the dance floor. And the effect is tika-taka-taka-takika-tak :) If the situation on the podium is very good, I will let this thing on for some time and follow the effect on the podium - it additionally entertains me. Soon, they will all act like children. Antonela is currently a very hot name for me in the world of electronic music."

Bézier - 林百貨 [HNYTRX]

"A fantastic electro, which is not limited to genre boundaries, it comes from Bezier, a San Francisco-born American currently living in Berlin. He is also the author and one of the best albums last year, Parler Musique, released at one of the best record companies today - Dark Entries."

Vanessa Worm - I Did A Lava Dance [Optimo Music]

"This is currently one of my favorite tracks that I like to play before the sun appears on the horizon, as this is the last chance to give the audience a threefold ecstasy before dawn."

Jimi Jules - We Out Here [Innervisions]

"Karma Baby EP is the latest phenomenal release from otherwise always phenomenal Jimi Jules, will be released via Innervisions. This thing is growing and opening up for a long time - so everyone thinks I'm taking them into a dark deep house, and then melodic synths suddenly emerge that bring the thing into a completely different atmosphere and emotion."

Catch Felver play at SOLVD this Friday at Klub K4.

By Blaz, edited on 03 April 2019