5FAVs with Flabaire

Flabaire is one of the guys behind France’s most exciting house label, D.KO Records. In addition, he released numerous tracks on his own imprint as well as on other labels such as Organic, Série Limitée, or Popcorn Records to name a few. That got him the attention of his more accomplished peers and idols such as Move D, Christopher Rau, Jimpster, and Moomin. His first LP “It’s Just A Silly Phase I’m Going Through”, received critical acclaim and proved that his production skills go far beyond conventional house music, seamlessly wandering into ambient, jungle and breakbeat vibes. One thing is certain: France has got a new scene which crumbles and defies all the rest in the area.

The leader of the now important label D.KO, Flabaire is amazing in his own mixture of his somewhat ‘dreamy’ style. His music oscillates between big 80s synthesizers and Chicago rounded basses which catapult you into outer space. What we love about him is the importance he devotes to his bass lines: always ultra groovy and eccentric. His compositions are hyper musical as he necessarily adds liveliness to the sound. His production is harmonious and well mixed.

“I do house but I find it less noble than jazz or rock … It is a kind of complex I have in a corner of my head … As I listen to an album of Beach Boys, for example, I will say: oh yeah it’s still something else … it’s more complex, more sought after.. and yet I love house!”

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival (Global Communication Space Jazz Mix)

"The definition of deep house for me, bumpy bassline, deep pads, hypnotic structure, this is the quintessence."

Julius Steinhoff - Something Like Wonderful

"This track had such a profound impact on me when I heard it and for the years that followed. Stunning track by Smallville founder and half of Smallpeople, Julius Steinhoff. So classy, so tasteful, this is how music should be made, refined, soulful and emotional. At that time Smallville and Dial are all I would listen, they pretty much shaped my house taste."

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Velvet Paws

"Another Smallville record, this time by the greatest electronic producer of our time IMO, Mr. David Moufang aka Move D, in collaboration with Benjamin Brunn. I think this record is hugely underrated, it is such a beautiful blend of deep house, electronica, IDM, ambient, minimal, psychedelia, ... I'm positive that it's one of the top 5 electronic records to have been released in the past 30 years, and it really is under the radar. Definite masterpiece here."

Motorbass - Ezio

"The further I can think back, I think this is the first real shock I had by an electronic track, I was completely speechless. The way the rhythmic pattern changes at around 5 min just left me without words. Absolute classic by Etienne de Crécy and Phillippe Zdar, a seminal record of the French Touch often regarded as the one that started it all. Definitely a French cultural necessity, very much like red wine. As my friend Théo aka Mud Deep would say when we first discovered it in our teens: "They are the Pink Floyd of house music!"

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

"Because this is arguably one of the most beautiful tracks ever written."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018