Peter Christopherson (Coil) - The Threshold HouseBoys Choir

Peter Christopherson released the debut album of The Threshold HouseBoys Choir. The album consists of five "parts" or songs, and includes a DVD of the album set to video footage of Thai rituals in Krabi, Thailand. One tour promoter who organized a Threshold HouseBoys Choir concert described it as "easily the most shocking thing I have ever experienced”. The original CD goes for insane prices on the web. The music is intriguing and beautiful at the same time.

Vermont - Nordeney

Vermont is the project that involves Motor City Drum Ensemble’s Danilo Plessow and Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull. Two years later self-titled debut album, they have announced the release of a new album. II will be out on February 17th via Kompakt. “Norderney” is the first excerpt that shows delicate and dynamic electronic lines.


Call Super - Fluenkxa’s Self

This is a ten-minute, tripping house tool with dubbed-out effects, cosmic motifs, and a warm, thrummed bassline.

Mariah - Shinzo No Tobira

This 1983 record with folklorish Armenian lyrics, and futuristic Japanese synthpop leads has earned a cult following. Its soundscapes are like those once dreamt by Brians Eno and Brian Wilson. It is always with me. Timeless piece of music.

Cassio - Baby Love

Another Blaze historic production in collaboration with a New York underground legend, Cassio Ware. Especially this version which came as an Untitled white label is great for breaking things down to a minimal and emotive throb. Exceptional track, which sounds huge on a good PA-System.

Miriam Makeba - I'mm You'mm We'mm

Miriam Makeba, also known as Mama Africa, was beyond dispute one of South Africas true legends. This organic xylophone driven song is a great outro tool for closing the night - enlightening very much too.


By SolvdMag, edited on 15 June 2018