Kristijan Molnar, the man behind the Christallization Radio Show, Klub 20/44 and Drugstore regular - one of the leading underground forces hailing from Belgrade. He ventured into the numerous possibilities of the radio almost ten years ago in 2006. After winning a DJ competition sponsored by a local radio and receiving “on air” time in a daily radio show as a reward, Kristijan was immediately hooked. In 2010, he sealed the deal with Radio AS FM, the most listened to station in Novi Sad – the capital of the EXIT Festival. Since then, the Christallization Radio Show serves as a proper weekend warm-up tool for clubbers everywhere every Thursday night at 12 PM CET.

Christallization Radio Show has enabled Kristijan to witness firsthand the power of electronic music by rewarding him with performances all around Serbia and Europe, including EXIT Festival’s Dance Arena, Love Fest, MAD In Belgrade, gigs in Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Cyprus and Croatia. You'll be able to read a lot more about Kristijan - in the extended interview with Kristijan, very soon. Catch him at SOLVD x Kristijan Molnar, 20th May at Klub K4.

The Doors - My Wild Love

This song usually comes to my mind at this time of the year. Never-ending repeat mode on. Cheers to the friends who discovered this for you or perhaps if they didn’t then here you go; are we friends now?

The Dead Rose Music Company - Bad Desire

It’s always nice to hear this song during the sunny days that are more often now, although they make me sneeze! Woo hoo hoo…

Joakim - Samurai (Red Axis remix)

Favourite club tune at the moment. Dori and Niv drive to Kozi Land!

Tapan - Tarantella - Malka Tuti

Tapan is one of our finest (Serbian) new bands and an amazing example of how people transform the times that they are living in, the city they live in, their own lives and the clubs that they play at… to music. After the release on Willie Burns’ label, they follow up with the Tarantella EP on Malka Tuti. Expect more from them so here is a link, just in case. 

Closer Musik - One Two Three (No Gravity)

"If the Earth decides to turn off its gravitation at some point, this can be a goodbye song."

By SolvdMag, edited on 05 June 2018