5FAVs with Lemakuhlar

Lemakuhlar are two friends locked into music. There are no rules, there is only intuition and love for all things musical. Both live and Stijn Verheyden as a DJ they succeed in being both experimental and direct, perfectly balancing groove, darkness and light.

Their sound is their very own, in which live elements can sound like they were programmed, and programmed sounds can sound like they are played live. Their secret is musicality and an eye and ear for minute details, making a Lemakuhlar groove something that is unique and instantly recognizable. A rare thing in the nowadays glut of a sample-packed run of the mill dance music. A thing to cherish, get down to, make love to… on repeat.

Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima - Think Twice / Indigo Area

"What can I say about this track.., for me, this is timeless perfection. I could listen to this on repeat all day and still won’t get bored. Claude Young, one of the Detroit legends, together with Takasi Nakajima, in their group, called Different World and their Lost Archives I. Perfect production and balance in between jazz, techno… BBRRRR Goosebumps!"

Konstantin Sibold - Mutter / Running Back

"Sven Väth played this track at Tomorrowland and it was legendary. I rarely use my Shazam button but for this one, I had to. I bought the vinyl immediately the day after and on the B-side, I found a version without the drums so perfect EP! Timeless track again, deep trancey techno."

Traumer - Gonna Get / Gettraum Horse Serie

"What more could one ask for? :) 3 of my best friends: a summer mood minimal techno beat, St Germain / Rose Rouge and Marlena Shaw / Woman of the Ghetto, in 1 track! Jazzy, funny, deep, cute, beautiful message to the ears with a cocktail in the hand :)"

Lemakuhlar - One ley Sum / Goldmin Records

"I had to choose 1 of my own tracks of course :) This track was made in 30 minutes if I remember well.. and it was an outcome of a live-set we played at home while preparing for a live-set in Panoramabar.. I had to think about this track because lately when I play as a DJ, I realized that this is 1 of the only tracks I play almost every dj-set. I normally don’t play a lot of my own tracks because I always say: “I make them, you play them."

Cab Drivers - Mittelohr / Cabinet Records

"Legends... I had the privilege to be, live, work, learn in the Cabinet Studios in Berlin for more than a year. When I lived in Berlin, I was looking for a studio to rent and I got in contact with Daniel Paul, label-owner and half of Cab Drivers and he was looking for a studio partner. Of course, I didn’t have to think about this twice. I could write a book about this period in my life but not now :) Their music didn’t change for 20 years and it shouldn’t.. :) Timeless techno 100 %, this one is dubby, perfect to start or end a set. No words about the guys and the label. You should buy every Cabinet Records you find."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018