5FAVs with Limc

Digging crates is an art. It demands practice, knowledge, and commitment. One needs patience and the eye of a hawk to spot the good stuff. Let's take time to delve into the deep and twisted world of pure underground beats, selected by the youngest member of Just Us collective: Limc.

His constant search for enigmatic grooves is based mostly on Discogs. He digs for records every day and his guidelines are diversity and quality.

"For my 5 FAV's I've picked five interesting tracks from my want list and collection that I really like at the moment."

Sideral - I Wanna Look To The Stars

"This is a old record from my collection that i still like today."

Babysharks - Warm Touch

"This is a very interesting record from Sweden I found some time ago."

Lost City - Lemmon Grass

"One of my recent discoveries is also this record."

Some Other People - Astralize

"I searched for this record for a long time. I really like this track because it has such a positive vibe."

Dimension 5 - Soul Searching

"This is a nice record from 1991."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018