5FAVs with Livio & Roby

Thanks to the consistently high quality of their output, Livio & Roby have been in constant demand around the globe, sharing the spirit of Romania with the clientele of clubs and festivals across North and South America, Europe and further afield. Today, their endless travels continue, as does their entrancing musical output, from EPs with labels such as Vakant, One Records and Cecille through to their debut Premiesku album, 'Indirect', which came via Desolat.

Moving forward in their career saw further adventures around the planet: Premiesku reformed with new music and hit the road with their dazzling live act. Livio & Roby released their own concept album, titled 'Phantom Circle' on Desolat. The duo co-produced each track on Phantom Circle with one of ten different artists: Enzo Siragusa, Martin Buttrich, Guti, Julian Perez, Hector, Ryan Crosson, Cesar Merveille, Andrea Oliva and Premiesku. The album received wide media coverage, adoration from fans and praise from various music press outlets. Livio & Roby are only building on their momentum. 


“We like this Ghetto tech house bomb for the pick times. Rolling simple edgy grooves.”


“Another house monster on House Crime label coming from Steven B.C. Very low fi particular sound and rolling Fm ish bass line who keeps you moving.”


“Rassvet records is back with a bangin EP made by Mirabella Karianova aka Shadowax who is famous for her outstanding appearance on Nina Kraviz's Trip label. Here she delivers a brilliant cover version of a song by a Russian old school hip-hop band. Nasty lyrics about Russian 90's reality performed with her subtle voice sounds really obscure and at the same time very fresh. This EP is also featuring a powerful dancefloor remix by Rassvet records head Buttechno, longer b-side version and acapella.”


“There's a certain crunchy, poppy acoustic to the track that works out wonderfully. God only knows how he created/found those vocal samples. We play our edit.” 


“The deepness of the beat makes your mind feel far from this world, but the random sounds are echoing some kind of callback. This song is really good to help to fight your worries, but also calms down your senses.”

You can already pre-order their forthcoming release (HERE), which will be out via their own Tier imprint at the end of March. 

By Saša, edited on 06 March 2020