5FAVs with Luv*Jam

Luv*Jam has been putting out releases with a pleasing range and diversity for a while now. Andrew Cole is the Blind Jacks Journey top dog and also running Crow Castle Cuts and The Legend Of Gelert ... and is without a doubt one of the more interesting voices in contemporary house music. There's a lack of inhibition about his tracks, coupled with a confidence in his own production that draws the listener in and, regardless of the context, funks thing up. Releases with Housewax, Phonica, Rawax, Skylax, Throne Of Blood, Tsuba, Vibrations, Vitalik, We Play House, YCO.

Luv*Jam's releases are notoriously limited and sought after, consisting of lush deep house numbers characterized by glimmery textures and intoxicating grooves. As scintillating as his music is, it has built up quite a following with big players including Ame, Axel Boman, FCL, Jimpster, Move D, Prosumer, Roman Flugel, Subb-an and Will Saul.

Apart from his production, it's his mixing that really draws you in. Look no further to see what we mean.
"This record is literally art! from Mr Fox as ART Wilson, beautiful, divine, serene, elegant with a lovely cover too, every track is tip top, so good it really does deserve a semi sheen plastic cover, so good, that I should buy another, timeless nippiness here!!"
"Everything Ed Dmx does is 'must have' for me, I always have 3 or 4 of his 12's in the bag. The hypercolour album is also 'one of those'. Particularly loving the U Talk track!"
"Well, I have played the original Kookaburra so much, it's one of those, that I kind of try not to play in my sets. But every time I play it, the crowds just love it so much, and people always ask what is it. It's 'one of them' records! However, for even slightly more quirk (I know its hard) than the original, Gabriel Ananda's mix is a good one to have for that 'crazy' moment, squelchy mayhem!"
"I'm really into this super duper deep hypnotic minimal trance at the moment, well I always have really, but it's come back around again to be en vogue and Mattheis EP of NODAL LINES hits every spot for me, especially the Riemann Sphere! Hard to put my finger on it, what it is, but I know it's this."
"Talking of minimal trance, this one is a bit more MAXXXXIMUM, one of those old-school killers, when Freak N Chic were the dons of the madness. This is one of those 'WTF is this' records. Quite hard to leave him out of the bag, but I took him out for a little while, but I think now is the time to bring him back out again. A little rest will make him a better record again!"
By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018