5FAVs with Nevena Jeremić

All the while trying to define her style she found herself in the spectrum of different genres and realized it works the best for her.

From minimal to acid house and from electro to techno, Nevena Jeremić combines it into one whole depending on the ambient, atmosphere and people. The biggest influence on her had French electronic scene and it is something she holds on to. Artists who tend to experiment and who don’t settle for compromises and standards are the ones who inspire her the most. Music that is vivid and provokes different emotions and feelings is something that she explores continuously.

In a relatively short period of time, she played in almost every important and renowned club and festival in Serbia. She graced the decks of venues such as The Tube, Club Tunnel, Barutana, DOT, Lovefest, EXIT Festival and many more.

Here's what she told us regarding her selection and the process behind it:

"It was really difficult to choose only five tracks and it is certain that I forgot about a lot of them which are important to me. Anyway, these are some that came to my mind either because I play them or because I listen to them daily. These tracks are the gems I can always come back to no matter how many times replay button has been hit. Although I cannot define my style because it includes a lot of different genres such as acid house, disco, funk, nu disco, minimal house and techno, I can say that all of these tracks are something I tend to infiltrate more into my music. I wouldn’t call them experimental but some of them are definitely something different from what I usually play in my sets."

Oskarova Fobija – Mayan Spacecraft

"Oskarova Fobija is a synth-pop band from Belgrade. The track was released on Discom label along with tracks from Digitron, Miha Kralj, and Beograd. This is actually a track I heard recently but it took my sympathies right away. It inspired me to explore more about bands and artists like this one."

Apiento – The Orange Place

"If I had to choose one track that has all the elements I am searching for, it would probably be this one. I cannot put it in one genre since it is a mixture of disco, acid house, and electro. Anyway, it works for me."

Four Tet – Daughter

"Probably one of my favorite artists who makes no mistakes with his producing in my opinion. ’Daughter’ is from his latest album ’New Energy’ which was released in 2017. I still cannot find the best way to describe the inspiration I get every time I listen to this album."

E.R.P. – Lunar Ruins

"I remember finding this vinyl in a record shop and while listening to it I was immediately hypnotized by it. This man is a genius and anything more to say than that would be superfluous."

Decoside – Disorder (Fluxion Remix)

"I remember playing this track in one of my favorite clubs, Club Tunnel (Novi Sad). It was a really special moment for me as I was ending my set and it fit perfectly into the whole atmosphere. This track will always remain timeless for me."

Listen to one of her latest sets recorded live at Tunnel club.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018