5FAVs with Nitz

His style is best described as a mixture of micro-dub and slow experimental house and techno. He has been a resident DJ at the legendary Slovenian Klub K4 since 2009 and has taken up the position of program manager in 2014. At the moment he is focused on producing more club-oriented music.

Nitz is an electronic music composer and DJ, hailing from the ranks of Synaptic Crew. He has been releasing music on a netlabel called Synaptic Pathways, which he founded together with several other Synaptic artists. In addition to releasing music on Synaptic Pathways and other independent local and foreign labels his name regularly appears on Chilli Space compilations.

He's had several (mostly) software live acts before artists like Andy Stott, Madteo, etc. and played and organised events with artists like Frivolous, Akiko Kiyama, Olene Kadar, Leif, Tom Ellis, Dapayk Solo, Thomas Brinkmann, Der Dritte Raum, Lerosa, Mike Shannon, Andy Stott, Madteo, Dr.Nojoke, Claro Intelecto, Shackleton, Levon Vincent, Brandon Mueller, Patrice Scott, Fred P, Jus- Ed, Fumiya Tanaka, San Proper, Mike Shannon, Steffi, Prosumer, Mike Servito, Sven Weissemann, and many others.

"I mostly picked some tracks/albums that I to listen at the moment, I discovered recently or have nice memories about. Everything is more on the experimental side. Here are my recent top 5."

Sato Yumiko - Elfish Echo (1996)

"One of my recent discoveries that I really like. It's more of a listening album, but you can also play some tracks in the club if you have the balls for it."

Tourist Kid - N-Shure (R.A.N.D Muzik Recordings)

"I'm a bit of a fan of the Australian Perth scene, so this one deserves my top 5."

Tyler Friedman - Ccc: Bb: Bbb: Jj (Kontra Musik)

"One of the albums in my selection that I'm really happy about. The sound design is amazing."

Jorge Velez - MMT Tape series (Rush Hour)

"Just an album which I bought in Berlin a few days ago and wanted it for some time now. Great production from J.Velez."

Martian 044 - Dream Dancing (Red Planet)

"A track that brings back a lot of nice memories and I still love to hear and play it."

Listen to Nitz live show recorded for Just Us podcast. Catch him perform at the Od:vod festival!

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018