5FAVs with Roli

Roli, an all-around music apasionado has been following the electronic music scene as a fan since his early teenage days. Recalling his early disco and 80's synth flashbacks, which later moved to the 90's rave scene, until he becomes part of it as a DJ.

He's the head honcho at Analogue /Digital, where he is focused on spreading and sharing his passion with like-minded artists to the worldwide crowd. He shares his passion online with his series of podcasts as well as throwing parties at club Mostovna, located in his hometown of Nova Gorica.

Roli on his selection: "Such a gargantuan task must say. It is really impossible to make a 5 track favourite list. So I'll do a five-track list that defined me and brought me to the dance floor and to the DJ booth, later on. +1 that is my latest discovery and I really dig. I focused on electronic music otherwise would be really impossible since my taste goes through Metal, Rap, Grunge, Disco, Pop, Trip Hop, you name it..."


"This is the first and all-time favourite. Heard it on the radio back in the days and it gave me that special feeling right on. Something unheard, unfelt before but yet powerful and mindblowing."


"Nr. 2, an imprint well saved in my deeper unconsciousness as it brings me instant flashback feels as soon as I hear the first note of the track. Can't get deeper and at the same time classic sounds like this, at least as far as it goes for me..."


"Back in the days when I was a kid breakdance was a thing. People moving like robots with robot-like sounding music, this felt like it was  2087. This track represents my breakdance anthem if can define it this way. It's kind of Blade runner versus Megatron fight."


"Because Armando, because acid, because Chicago. There is not much left to say here, just love lots of love to Chicago acid house.


"And for the last, I choose this one, just to show where my feels in electronic music are reaching to right now. You should check out the DJ Stingray remix also, but i prefer the original. That is how I really like it, kind of ever evolving futuristic and kind of everlasting primordial sounds from the past combined into one." 

By Saša, edited on 07 January 2019