5FAVs with Ruff Stuff

Ruff Stuff was born from the collaboration between Francois Le Roy and Nanni, two DJs active on the international underground scene for a number of years.

Both grew up during the ‘90’s electronic wave, firstly as hard-core clubbers and then as DJs and vinyl enthusiasts. Despite following different musical paths, in the mid-2000s they decided to merge their experiences and formed a communal project. Even though they both worked for a considerable amount of time on their respective solo careers, they have always collaborated on each other’s productions from the outset. All of this laid the foundations for the creation of a single, unique entity which combines the spirit of both producers.


The Ruff Stuff project is rooted in the influences of old school House, Techno, and Garage with a propensity to find the newest, freshest sounds. In summer 2015 Ruff Stuff created their own label Ruff Stuff Music Ltd, releasing limited edition 12” vinyl.

Black Loops - Sex

"Black Loops is one of our favorite producers since the beginning and we were playing his music a lot. When we moved to Berlin we have had the opportunity to meet him and since then we became very good friends. He was one of the first remixers on our label and we are very honoured to have him on board."

Carlo - Ohana

"We choose this one because of its killer groove. We really like this bouncing mood of the track and the sample used are very cool. This track will make dance a lot of people and Carlo is a master in doing this kind of job!"

Christian Lisco - Your Joy (feat. Michael Clifford)

"Christian Lisco is a very talented artist from Bari in Italy where we also come from. We love his style and the kind of sound he is proposing: pure analog madness. For us, this track represents Christian at his best with the distorted grooves, a bouncing bassline, and the warm melodies. Perfect for late night sets."

Ditongo - Longo

"This track is connected to a very magical moment we had when we were playing in London a couple of years ago. The atmosphere was crazy: in a crowded warm club, we had in front of us 200 sweaty people dancing like crazy, smiling, hugging each other… We felt the real magic of music, what music can do to people."

Butch - Dope

"Play It Say It is a label that we really admire. They always release hi-quality music from top producers and Dope by Butch is a clear example of that. Very groovy, warm and the break is really incredible. Every time that we play it, people go nuts and we always enjoy to see this kind of reactions."

Fewer words - more music on 12" limited edition records. This is the ethos of their imprint Ruff Stuff Music Ltd. Check it out!

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018